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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ra One Music Review Bollywood Dil Se

Bollywood Dil Se Music Review: Ra.One

Music Directors: Vishal - Shekhar
Lyrics: Kumaar, Anvita Dutt, Vishal Dadlani & Niranjan Iyengar
Bollywood Dil Se Rating: * * * *

Chamak Challo
Singers: Akon and Hamsika Iyer

Wow! I had already heard the leaked version (international version of the song which was available on iTunes) of the song, but this version is par better. Akon undoubtedly makes his smashing debut in Bollywood. I am in love with the song due to three reasons: First, Akon’s Hindi; Second, Hamsika Iyer’s vocals; Third, perfect song arrangement by Vishal – Shekhar. My expectations are sky-high now.

Dildaara (Stand By Me)
Singers: Shafqat Amanat Ali, Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani, Clinton Cerejo

The song sounds a bit like Mitwa from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. Nevertheless, song picks up lately in a beautiful way. The lyrics unlike Chamak Challo have some meaningful, soulful lyrics. I am in love with this album now.

Rehnuma Mere Rehnuma
Ho Tere Naam Saa,
Ab Koi Bhi Lafz Nahi,
Padh Kar Dekhi So Kitabein So Dafaa,
 Dildaara Dildaara Ab Raddi Bhar Sa Jag Saara,
Dildaara Dildaara Tere Nazron-Karam Par Sab Waraan,
Dildaraa Dildaraa Jab Tujhse Haara, Dildaara Dildaara ho…

Singer:Akon, Vishal Dadlani, Shruti Pathak

Simply amazing! This song by Akon (this time to, crooning in English and Hindi) is equally good like Chamak Challo. I can’t wait to see this song on the top charts now. Vishal Dadlani and Shruti Pathak render their part very well. Well done V-S!

Bhare Naina
Singer: Nandini Shrikar, Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani

After three upbeat songs, I was expecting something from different genre. And Vishal – Shekhar surprises completely by semi classical rock song. Nandini Shrikar is marvelous. Chorus and Vocals by Vishal – Shekhar leaves much needed deep impact of the song on your mind.Lovely!

Right By Your Side
Singer:Siddharth Coutto

Siddharth Coutto (Life Sahi Hai and Love in C major fame) this time, pairs up with Vishal – Shekhar to deliver another peppy number. This is typical Vishal – Shekhar composition which we have been hearing in every movie from duo. Nevertheless, song will get its fame after the movie releases.

Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani

This song I feel, is the theme of Ra One. The song with a fusion of 90’s beat and modern influences is a great cocktail. Vishal – Shekhar lives the mood of the song all the way. Nice riff.

Jiya Mora Ghabraye
Singers: Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal

As soon as the song began, I wondered how Sukhwinder Singh would fit the bill. Sukhwinder Singh in recent times have been singing songs like Singham and Dabbang, where as this one is completely Trans – techno song. But I was almost blown away after one and a half minute of the song, Sukhwinder Singh carries the song so well. Vishal’s grudged vocals make this song even better. The techno beats from 2.55 onwards sound almost Rahmanic!! 

Comes The Light

This riff seems like the backround score piece of the movie. Anyways, it sounds good. Orchestral arrangements make it delightful.

I am on

The alternate rock theme I am on is stunning. I have been hearing such instrumentals in Transformer Series and Bourne Series. I welcome the revolutionary concept of background score along with the originals.

Song Of The End

This one in the true means is subtle, soulful arrangement that definitely turns out be winner all the way. Violins sound majestic. 

To sum up, we have four remixes and one internation version of Chamak Challo. All in all , this album is going to give a tough competition to Rockstar! The album can not deserve anything less than a four.

Rating: * * * * 

(P.S.: The source is the leaked album on internet. Please order the original CD on at 25% discount. I have pre-ordered it! )


  1. Absolutely Love your review. Completely agree with you. SRK rocks

  2. ^^ I would rather say Vishal - Shekhar Rocks! :p

  3. VS really rocks..plz post d music review of rascals

  4. ^^ Agree with you! Rascal already reviewed :)

  5. I ordered mine on flipkart too. Vishal Shekhar's best till date..shame on some sites who screw the music of

  6. loved it all the way not a big srk fan but must say awesome bro is not into bollywood at all but is addicted to raftarien and dildara.
    i loved all the songs, i'l take some time liking right by your side but wont comment till i watch the video. thumbs up vishal shekar m gna buy a couple of cd's for me n friends.

  7. HI guys. I can see that foolish Indian populace which is star driven can do nothing but draw vicarious pleasure out of their screen Heroes, instead of rating a product for it's merits. I am a staunch movie crtic and am yet to watch this one. But from the Promos i gather that the feel of the special effects is very tacky(akin to chinese mobile phones) and to make up for that they have filled it up with cheap humour that indian audience secretly loves. Secretly because you don't use it at home. Well, The film will surely be a hit but that's not because it's a good product but because we have a poor audience.

  8. I doubt if he recovers the production cost of 150 crores (if it is true). To get "Hit" talk it should get at least twice the amount he spent on the movie i.e, 300 crores. Any way, that's just impossible.


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