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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why No More Updates!?

Yes, that's a question I have been facing since a long time. The simple answer is I don't enjoy reviewing movies or music any more. Now, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy movies anymore, as a matter of fact, its the one of things that I feel are worth to die for.

So, what am I doing nowadays? I am busy making 'em. Even before I started writing reviews, I had a collection of around forty-five to fifty self-written poems but after blogging continuously for a long time, I evolved as a writer (at least that's what I feel) and so shifted to writing short stories and then gradually I realized we critics, criticizing movies are no better than a blind man criticizing an angel's eyes :D

 And thus, I gave blogging a rain check and started diverting that time in writing short stories and plays. Gradually due to some great influences around me, I started taking deep interest in film-making and its minor aspects.

As of now, I have written about fifteen to twenty short stories about human drama (depicting stories based on human feelings like hope, love, lust, greed, anger, revenge and nostalgia) and are a part of my soon-to-be published short story book, Life and People.

Right now, I am adapting a couple of my stories into screenplays for a couple of short films that I am directing. So, don't know 'bout future, but right now, I love film-making and story telling and am in no mood to do anything else.

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