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Friday, November 4, 2011

Ra One Vs Robot Vs Bodyguard Vs Enthiran Collections

There are buzz in B-Town about Ra One Vs Robot or Ra One Vs Bodyguard collection. Figures are hallucinating and so are the people. Here is the clear comparative table of Ra One Vs Bodyguard Vs 3 Idiots Vs Enthiran. 

All these figures are stated officially by the production houses and Bollywood analysts. I have not stated any figures from my side, just collected the exact figures and represented them bluntly for analysis.
Have a look.

Ra One


3 Idiots


Cost Of Production
150 crores (approx)
60 crores
35 crores
132 crores*
Print and Publicity Costs
52 crores
10 crores
25 crores
30 crores
Total Budget^
202 crores
70 crores
60 crores
162 crores
First Day Net Collection
18 crores
21 crores
13 crores
20 crores
Seven Days Net Collection
96 crores
103 crores
79 crores
117 crores
Net Box Office Collection
170 crores (approx)
227 crores (approx)
358 crores
265 crores
Overseas Net Collection
42 crores (approx)
38 crores (approx)
29 crores
61 crores
Additional and Ancillary Collection
55 crores
40 crores
35 crores
49 crores
Total Collection^
225 crores (approx)
305 crores (approx)
423 crores
375 crores
Total Profit
23 crores (approx)
235 crores (approx)
362 crores
215 crores*
All Time Block Buster
All Time Block Buster
All Time Block Buster

 *Excludes 45 crores salary (profit + fees) of Rajnikanth.
^ For all versions
Additional and Ancillary Collection includes Satellite Rights, Music Rights and Other Collections from merchandise and media partners

(All Figures In INR)


  1. how is it possible?? Eros Ent. has declared that Ra one has collected 170 crs till now....

  2. Hmm...its not the 7 days collection..but its 5 days + overseas + additional and ancillary collection..thats 83+32+55 crores respectively..hope you get it..

  3. how can you state the fig of Ra One as it is still running?

  4. @Vimal: Ra One and Bodyguard (at very few centres) are still running..Thats why a proper estimate is shown...exact figures will not cross the estimate for sure.and even if it does, definitely not by a big margin...notice that I have used word approx. at some places for Bodyguard and Ra One collection..

  5. Thanks for can u state a movi as hit or all time bb...just for info...

  6. @Vimal: The final verdict is based on the distributor's profits and total collections..

  7. salman rocks! here is why..

    1. Ra one had 5000 screening – highest so far. BG was 3500.
    2. It opened in regional language (Tamil & Telegu) and BG was only in Hindi.
    3. Ticket price for Ra. One is kept higher that usual other films.
    4. Promotion of Ra One started to happen almost 1 yr in advance where as BG’s was done for only 3 weeks.

    Bodyguard didn’t release on 3D, released on lesser prints, still managed about the same business as Ra One (which was marginally higher).

    Salman sleep walked through the film, but SRK and the Ra One team put in a lot of effort and hard work – arguably the most for any Bollywood movie ever!

    still, raone fails to beat bodyguard...

  8. shahrukh khan have tried to show something new which we r not use to see so some our people is not liking it. But i like the movie and shahrukh efforts so hats off to shahrukh that he spent so much money to show us something diffirent

  9. ra one movie plot copied from hollywood film Virtuosity (1995)

  10. srk iz the one is comparable 2 him.

  11. Well many were arguing with me that rajini is just a regional superstar, I would like to show this stats about overseas collection. Think broader my hindi speaking folks. Accept the fact, no harm.

  12. For ra one u didnt add the overseas collections as for the other movies bro.check ur maths


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