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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why No More Updates!?

Yes, that's a question I have been facing since a long time. The simple answer is I don't enjoy reviewing movies or music any more. Now, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy movies anymore, as a matter of fact, its the one of things that I feel are worth to die for.

So, what am I doing nowadays? I am busy making 'em. Even before I started writing reviews, I had a collection of around forty-five to fifty self-written poems but after blogging continuously for a long time, I evolved as a writer (at least that's what I feel) and so shifted to writing short stories and then gradually I realized we critics, criticizing movies are no better than a blind man criticizing an angel's eyes :D

 And thus, I gave blogging a rain check and started diverting that time in writing short stories and plays. Gradually due to some great influences around me, I started taking deep interest in film-making and its minor aspects.

As of now, I have written about fifteen to twenty short stories about human drama (depicting stories based on human feelings like hope, love, lust, greed, anger, revenge and nostalgia) and are a part of my soon-to-be published short story book, Life and People.

Right now, I am adapting a couple of my stories into screenplays for a couple of short films that I am directing. So, don't know 'bout future, but right now, I love film-making and story telling and am in no mood to do anything else.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Six Hidden Gems of the Theatre World : Angelina Lawson - Guest Author

There are many great theatres for people to enjoy while on a trip to London. Most travellers know about the big theatres and the terrific shows they have to offer, but there are also some smaller, lesser known venues that offer visitors a great and unique viewing experience. The Top Six Hidden Gems of the Theatre World in London are the Greenwich Theatre, The Royal Albert Hall, Waterloo East Theatre, Finborough Theatre, Kings Head and The Gate.

The Greenwich Theatre is a great theatre for visitors looking to attend a show at a location that is a little different from the standard, big London theatre house. The Greenwich Theatre has a unique history in that there has been a performing arts location at this site continuously since 1871. Though the theatre has had a variety of different names during its lifetime it has still retained a number of fascinating architectural details from its various incarnations.

Another great theatre for visitors looking for something more off the beaten path is The Royal Albert Hall. This theatre is best known for holding the Proms concert every year since 1941. However for families, the Albany Theatre is an additional theatre gem that offers club nights, children's performances and standard theatre performances. The Albany Theatre truly offers a little something for everyone.

Another hidden gem of the London theatre scene is the Waterloo East Theatre. The Waterloo East Theatre has just 150 seats so there truly isn't a bad seat in the House. This theatre also has a number of very reasonably priced shows, something you won't always find at other venues. An additional good theatre for visitors looking for a more intimate experience is the Finborough Theatre. The Finborough Theatre has just 50 seats and offers less traditional and more avant garde plays. The Kings Head is also a great, lesser known theatre. The Kings Head is unique in that it is located inside the Kings Head Pub. This theatre puts on a number of well known shows throughout the year.

A look at unknown gems of the theatre scene in London wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Gate Theatre in Notting Hill. The Gate Theatre is a truly distinguished theatre that offers quality international plays.

London Theatre ticketsfor all six of these venues are available for purchase over the internet. Overlooking these hidden gems would be doing you a great disservice.

Author Bio: Angelina Lawson is a Content Writer with an interest in topics relating Theatre, Films, art, culture etc. You can follow her @boxofficeltd on Twitter.

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