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Friday, September 9, 2011

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Movie Review (BD)

Bollywood Dil Se Movie Review: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Rating:* * *
Movie Information: IMDB Link , Wiki
Cast: Katrina Kaif, Imran Khan, Ali Zafar, Tara D'souza
Direction: Ali Abbas Zafar
Genre: Drama, Romance, Humor

Movie Overview:

To begin with, I did not have much expectation before I entered the cinema hall and had the feeling while leaving it.

The Yashraj film’s next trademark romantic flick “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” tries too hard to be a mass entertainer, but unlike Band Baaja Baaraat, this movie falls flat.

The director Ali Abbas Zafar (has no connection with Ali Zafar) works upon the common Bollywood formula of a love triangle but sadly, the movie fails to maintain a balance between love and humor quotient.

The movie sparkles for about first half an hour, and as a viewer, you feel delighted. But gradually, the movie centers to the same old story with some added Masala in it.

The messed up screenplay and ordinary performances are something to blame a big time.  There are unnecessary comic scenes and over-the-top performances, due to which, the movie fails to create an emotional under current.

The movie has many references of Bollywood movies (or say spoof), which somehow keeps you glued on the seat. But the main thing in a rom-com, the flavor of romance is missing here.

The songs, in fact boosted the movie, which was supposed to be the role of screenplay writer.

Overall, I would still recommend you to go for the movie. If one can go for Bodyguard due to Salman, one can also go for MBKD due to Katrina.


Quick Review:

Imran Khan is as usual in the role of a chocolate boy, and his sweet image does trick for him. Katrina Kaif looks uncomfortable on the screen, she tries too hard to fit in her character and she somehow, fails to do so. Ali Zafar (though in a small role) has delivered a brilliant performance again. I want to see him more often. Tina D’souza is remarkable.

Story And Screenplay:
The major let down of the movie. The story is completely predictable. Screenplay does not help to narrate the story in a smoother way either. Dialogues manage to cover up the void. Some scenes like the Chat show scene and Dabbang spoof are genuinely funny and scens like Katrina’s confession about love to Imran are touchy.

Editing And Cinematography:
Sudeep Chatterjee’s cinematography is ditto like all the Yashraj Films, exotic, lively and vivacious. Editing is okay.

Music And Background Score:
A very positive aspect for the movie. Songs are well picturised and choreographed. Well done Sohail Sen!

Ali A. Zafar as a director has done a good job but Ali A. Zafar as a screenplay writer has a long way to go.

Final Verdict:
This is out and out Katrina Kaif movie, if you are a Katrina Kaif fan, it would be treat for you else you can miss the movie.

Rating:* * * 


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