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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review : Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu
Amit Trivedi, you should work more often.

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu
Music Director: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

BD Music Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Amit Trivedi and Dharma production are together for first time, we haven't heard much from Amit Trivedi this year, so expectations are already high. He is known for youthful fresh sounds, and this is how EMAET is supposed to be.

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu
Singers: Benny Dayal, Anushka Manchanda

Wow! Lively, upfront and vivacious are the words to describe this ultimate party number. Apart from Prittam and Vishal – Shekhar, not many music directors favor world music genre, but Amit Trivedi relies profoundly on world music, rock and fusion. Lyrics are good; vocals by Benny and Anushka Manchanda are prime attraction. This song will surely set the dance floor on the roll this new year.

Singers: Amit Trivedi, Shilpa Rao, Nikhil DSouza, Amitabh Bhattacharya

Harmonium-Keyboard combination,to begin with is a brilliant novelty. A peppy composition needs fresh vocals and Amit Trivedi manages to do it dazzlingly well. “Ai Dil Tujhe Pata Hai” part is simply splendid. Amit Trivedi uses his trademark music style; whistling, chorus and soft rock with brass band- saxophone. The soundtrack has been descent so far musically.

Aunty Jee
Singer: Ash King

Another out and out party number, with uncanny lyrics and energetic composition; the song sounds situational. Unlike Suno Aisha, this number is not addictive, and might not fare that well.

Singers: Karthik and Shilpa Rao

Karthik, for a change croons vocal this time, for Amit Trivedi style track. Melodious composition, good lyrics and Shilpa Rao’s singing makes it audible. But again, the song is not hummable.

Kal Chalna Shuru Tu
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Shilpa Rao

Kar Chalna Shuru Tu is yet another situational song with profound lyrics. Vishal does a fair job on vocals, soft rock again, keeps you rolling and relaxed. Overall, a track neither exceptional nor awful.

One Line Music Review: EMAET is neither as melodious as Aisha nor much out of the box like No One Killed Jessica, this one lies somewhere between them.An Average one.

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rabbi Shergill

In times of Kolaveri Di, I thought of writing on something that is provoking, meaningful and pure bliss (that doesn't mean I hate Kolaveri Di, I love it, not because it is technically brilliant, but it's highly addictive).

Rabbi Shergill, the name behind Bulla Ki Jaana (2004) is truly a rock star. Right from the lyrics (that are so deep, insightful and touching) and the music of many different genres like rock, sufi and pop, he is a divine figure in urban Punjabi music. There are several blogs for this genius, so to envelope his work in a blog post is tough. These are my personal bests from Rabbi.

Bulla Ki Jaana (Rabbi 2004)

Tere Bin (MTV Unplugged)

Heer (MTV Unplugged)

Avengi Ja Nahin (Avengi Ja Nahin,2008)

Bilqis (Avengi Ja Nahin, 2008)

And this one is from his next album, Ganga (Rabbi's upcoming album)

And yes, do check out the lyrics and translation of Rabbi's work from the following sources:
Rabbism .If you want lyrics and meaning of any song from Rabbi, comment down.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don 2 Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review : Don 2 Chase Continues
Don 2: Another duh in waiting?
Don 2
Music Directors: Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
BD Music Rating: ❤ ❤ 

Ra.One was a musical treat. And the previous installment of “Don” was hip musically. But Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy has consistently failed in recent times (exception: ZNMD) and this one could be their comeback album. So expectations are obviously high, let’s see if we have another musical blast here after Rockstar. Excel Entertainment has always served good music (take it the previous: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara).

Aa Raha Hoon Palat Ke
Singer: Shah Rukh Khan

The soundtrack commences with dialogue that I have already heard as ringtone of many phones. Yes, the dialogue that made people whistle and screech in Don 2 trailer and it seems that the album will take it to the next level. A very promising start, I must say.  

Zara Dil Ko Tham Lo
Singers: Anusha Mani, Vishal Dadlani

The song starts off well with Anusha Mani crooning some good notes, but alas! As soon as Vishal Dadlani comes into the scene, the song starts sounding ordinary. I have heard him singing so many good songs in this genre, but this is epic fail. The typical Shankar-Ehsaan –Loy song with the typical Javed Akhtar lyrics is a big letdown. Sorry but that’s the truth.

Hai Yeh Maya
Singer: Usha Uthup

Okay after the disastrous opening, the album seems to be coming on track. Saxophones around 0:10 are pleasant surprise, but wait! This is again the same sounding composition. The trio has wasted Usha Uthup’s voice here. She is in fact the apt choice for this genre, but again, poor composition and lyrics are to blame, the song never connects to the listener.

Dushman Mera
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Sunitha Sarathy

Oh! I am fed up now, seriously. This is not at all happening. Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy seriously need to rediscover them. Lyrics, composition and music, everything is just not up to scratch!

The King Is Back
Singer: Sunitha Sarthy

Okay, this track is nice. Beats are catchy (not innovative), music production is slick, guitars are rocking and overall, the song emerges out to be the front-runner of the album after previous distress.

Mujhko Pehchan Lo

The reprised version of Don’s Title Track lacks the tempo and energy of the previous version. KK does a good job but I still can’t get Shaan out of my mind. This song is good not because it is better than the previous version but because the initial songs were complete mess and the album seems to be recovering. But I hardly see any change in music section. It seems that all the songs of Don 2 are composed at one go with same beats and are trimmed later. This album is nowhere close to the previous one.

The Don Waltz
Instrumental (Thankfully!)

Thank god! The Don Waltz is blissfully relaxing. The soft melody gives the much-needed massage to head as well as ears that just got malfunctioned after listening to the trans-world music genre that sounded second – rate. This piece does some damage control and I expect something better from the Trio next time.

One Line Music Review: Don 2 Music is epic fail! Don't buy!

Rating: ❤ ❤

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rockstar Movie Ending (BD)

Rockstar Movie Ending

An ending of a never ending saga

Dear folks, Those who has not seen “Rockstar” yet, please don’t read the article. Those who don’t complain about ending, probably because they paid more attention to the movie, this article is a waste of time for you. Many people will find this post amateur probably because they have understood the movie very well. Guys, please don’t read ahead, this article is not for you.

This post is for my friends who could not pay attention to the movie due to incoming calls (pun intended), or those who missed the movie due to late arrival post interval. Some people left cinema halls even before the ending; this article is my dedication for them.   


This is the first time I am writing two articles for a single movie, so it is palpable that I really love this movie. The movie according to me is the greatest love storytelling in recent times in Bollywood. Most of the Bollywood movies nowadays have adapted screenplay from Tollywood movies, most of them have a predictable start, interval and more importantly the end. But Rockstar is far beyond the conventional movie making.

The story begins with Ranbir escaping Prague Police and somehow managing to perform at the show. But that’s not the beginning neither the end. The movie begins when we see Ranbir singing Jo Bhi Main for girls waiting at the bus stand. And the movie progresses in continuation till he departs from Nargis in Kashmir. 

In mean time we see that Aditi Rao Hydari is personally interested in Jordan’s character and she interviews some people who seem close to Ranbir but, are not. Then she interviews Kumud Mishra. Here is when the next flashback part of the movie begins where we see that Ranbir was thrown out of his home and he lived in a Dargah and the story continues till he is seen publishing his first music on recommendation of Shammi Kapoor.

hen, Kumud Mishra fixes the interview of Ranbir with Aditi (In a short flashback, we see the row between Ranbir and Piyush Mishra where Ranbir mocks over Mishra’s advices) and the story moves on without any more flashbacks, Ranbir now heads to Prague and reunites with Nargis. 


After Interval the story moves straight without any flashbacks till the point where Nargis, is diagnosed to have bone marrow.

Now heading towards the ending….
We see that Nargis is in coma and her condition has worsened. Then her younger sister calls Ranbir as she wants to confirm if Nargis is pregnant. Ranbir is soon to perform at the concert but as soon as he receives the phone, he leaves the concert and goes straight to meet Nargis. Meanwhile, we see a flashback where we shockingly realize that Nargis is pregnant. In ICU, Ranbir realizes that Nargis has stopped responding (she doesn’t kiss back Ranbir, obviously, she is in coma :-P). This is when Ranbir realizes that Nargis will die soon. Ranbir then surrenders to cops. He is bailed from Patiala Court and he does his "middle finger act". He saw this thing done by Jim Morrison, and now   he realizes why JM did so.


Ranbir sings Nadaan Parinday in a hope that Nargis’ condition will improve and they both will reunite (lyrics are haunting BTW!) meanwhile, Ranbir feels that Nargis is with him on the stage, but she is not. The end credit rolls as soon as we see Ranbir and Nargis superficially together on the stage. The ending suggests that Nargis has died in coma and the naive falcon (Nadaan Parinda- Nargis) has returned home (reunited with Ranbir, not in physical way, probably her soul is now omnipresent with Ranbir). The abrupt end at this point indicates that Love is eternal.

Ranbir is not dead.Nadaan Parinday indicates that Ranbir is still alive, more heartbroken and tragic. There is a scene where Ranbir pukes and later we see Ranbir in bath tub and his burning guitar, indicating that he is still burning inside and is not happy anymore! So tragic and yet so subtle.......

Dear Imtiaz,

It needs great guts to present a simple but effective love story in a different way. It needs more guts to convey the poignant ending in a positive way. You did it, and did it very convincingly. I absolutely loved the way screenplay is written.

Dear Folks,

Those who complain that the movie is dragged in second half, I disagree with you. This is the time when we see pure passion amidst the lovers (Aur Ho song is poetically describing the love at its passionate best). This is the time where the viewer is allowed to gulp in the quick storyline that covers a span of almost a decade in hundred minutes. 

To those, who complain that there was no emotional attachment with the story, my heartily condolence to them!

UPDATE: Article edited and thanks to Mitesh Saraf and AJ Rox for pointing out goofs.

(P.S : This is my interpretation of an open ended movie, discussions with logic are welcomed...)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Rockstar Movie Review (BD)

Bollywood Dil Se Movie Review: Rockstar

Rockstar: Old wine new bottle romantic saga with music as backbone.
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Movie Information: IMDB, Wiki
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fhakri, Piyush Mishra, Aditi Rao Hydari, Shammi Kapoor, Shernaz Patel
Direction: Imtiaz Ali
Genre: Romance, Drama, Musical,

Movie Overview:

From the maker of “Jab We Met”, “Love Aaj Kal” and “Socha Na Tha” (Abhay Deol – Ayesha Takia starrer unnoticed gem) and writer of “Ahista Ahista” (Abhay Deol – Soha Ali Khan, a beauty) comes once again, the much hyped and anticipated Ranbir Kapoor’s in and as “Rockstar”.

First things first, Rockstar is not about music, it’s about love. A love that is pure passion; A love that needs more of feelings and emotions rather than modern life logical conclusions and reasoning. The movie is all about Imtiaz Ali style romance, where a lover is drifted along with the highs and lows in a beautiful cinematic journey. Rockstar is thus, much about love and a little about music. Am I complaining? No, not at all.

Let me bluntly state the problem first: Editing in second half and open-ended story telling. These are the only goofs in Rockstar and it seems that Director wanted to keep it that way only. That is why Rockstar is classy!

Yes, Rockstar is classy and not massy. The movie will stay out of reach for those who love typical Bollywood Masala where a hero goes dishoom-dishoom with a funny bad guy or a hero who tries to lure heroine with not so original one liners and his hot looks. In this flick, hero never uses his brains to lure heroine neither he is that intellectual to understand love. The movie has uncanny romantic angle where love is never discussed but is always understood. Imtiaz ali has rendered romance so well in the movie via lovable situations and witty dialogues, which makes you forget all loose threads of movie. At some point, the love may seem unconvincing but Rockstar is based on Rumi’s words and this says it all:

“Away beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there”

The slick screenplay manages to portray flashbacks with style, but this can get a layman confused at places. The abrupt ending over which, I will write a whole article soon, may disappoint the popcorn people. That is why I said, Rockstar is classy not massy.

To overcome all the goofs, we have Ranbir and Rahman. Ranbir has proved with this movie that he deserves to fix in the slot of top Bollywood actors. He single-handedly manages to lift up the whole movie and takes it to another level. This is the role of a solo hero, which is yet not done by Imraan Khan or John Abraham (Shahid did it in Kaminey, BTW). Ranbir deserves accolades from people as well as critics. He should win some awards or at least nominations for Janardhan Jakkar a.k.a Jordan and a.k.a JJ. His character is an open diary, something easier to read, tough to understand. And how Janardhan turned to Jordan, that journey, is cry of an anguish by a rock star.

Rahman did it once again! I found his songs the bliss in second half (the couple next to me found it bore!).

What’s more? Nargis Phakri in a hot-cool avatar, eye candy locations of Kashmir, Prague, Delhi etc. thanks to brilliant cinematography. And an ending that needs guts.

UPDATE: Re-rated the movie as the first five star movie on Bollywood Dil Se. I didn't want to regret later. I know the movie is not perfect, but lets keep it as it is. The article on Rockstar's ending is done. Click Here!


Quick Review:

Brilliant performances! Ranbir, Shammiji, Piyush Mishra, Aditi Rao Hydari all are outshining. Kumud Mishra and Shernaz Patel are noteworthy.

Story And Screenplay:
Story and screenplay are flawed but yet intriguing. Dialogues are bang on and will be remembered easily. As said earlier, ending is uncanny.

Editing And Cinematography:
Editing is brilliant in parts but somehow gets loose in second half. Aarti Bajaj's cinematography is first rate.

Music And Background Score:
Music is already a rage among people. Rockstar rocks and Rahman makes it rocking by his music. Background score is outstanding too. I am waiting for its background release as there are some good pieces (for example say, Electric Guitar version of Tum Ho and a medley of Shehar Main and Katiya Karoon)

Imtiaz Ali, you did it man!!
Final Verdict:
The critic which rates it poor has no right to judge love stories  (personal point of view, sorry if that was rude)! I rate it a five!

Box Office collection report:
Rockstar will not find it tough to recover its money. Hit!

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

(P.S: This is a pure passionate love story where neither Ranbir or Nargis say “I Love You” (oh Ranbeer didn’t mean it when he said so in the famous “girlfriend banja meri” scene). Imtiaz, you are the man!)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ra One Vs Robot Vs Bodyguard Vs Enthiran Collections

There are buzz in B-Town about Ra One Vs Robot or Ra One Vs Bodyguard collection. Figures are hallucinating and so are the people. Here is the clear comparative table of Ra One Vs Bodyguard Vs 3 Idiots Vs Enthiran. 

All these figures are stated officially by the production houses and Bollywood analysts. I have not stated any figures from my side, just collected the exact figures and represented them bluntly for analysis.
Have a look.

Ra One


3 Idiots


Cost Of Production
150 crores (approx)
60 crores
35 crores
132 crores*
Print and Publicity Costs
52 crores
10 crores
25 crores
30 crores
Total Budget^
202 crores
70 crores
60 crores
162 crores
First Day Net Collection
18 crores
21 crores
13 crores
20 crores
Seven Days Net Collection
96 crores
103 crores
79 crores
117 crores
Net Box Office Collection
170 crores (approx)
227 crores (approx)
358 crores
265 crores
Overseas Net Collection
42 crores (approx)
38 crores (approx)
29 crores
61 crores
Additional and Ancillary Collection
55 crores
40 crores
35 crores
49 crores
Total Collection^
225 crores (approx)
305 crores (approx)
423 crores
375 crores
Total Profit
23 crores (approx)
235 crores (approx)
362 crores
215 crores*
All Time Block Buster
All Time Block Buster
All Time Block Buster

 *Excludes 45 crores salary (profit + fees) of Rajnikanth.
^ For all versions
Additional and Ancillary Collection includes Satellite Rights, Music Rights and Other Collections from merchandise and media partners

(All Figures In INR)

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Dirty Picture Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review : The Dirty Picture

The Dirty Picture
Music Director: Vishal - Shekhar
Lyrics: Rajat Arora
BD Music Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ½

There has been much buzz in B-Town about Vidya Balan‘s next “The Dirty Picture”. Ekta Kapoor’s preceding high budget venture Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai was a commercial and a musical success. Therefore, there are unquestionably high expectations from this movie. Moreover, lyrics are penned by Rajat Arora (story-screenplay, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai) and music by Vishal – Shekhar; so it would be interesting to experience the music of 80’s by the duo that is prominent for western musical influences.

Ooh La La
Singers: Bappi Lahiri, Shreya Ghoshal

Ooh la la, that is what you start singing as soon as you finish the rendition by Bappi Lahiri and Shreya Ghoshal. Bappi Da is the apt choice for this one. The “Dafli” and “Dhols” are musically sound. Lyrics add a hot spice to this peppy number. Above all, this one is the perfect commencement for the album. Well done!

Ishq Sufiana
Singers: Kamal Khan (Male Version), Sunidhi Chauhan (Female Version)

This song is sung by Kamal Khan and I doubt if the pop star would fit anywhere in this album, but wow, he has sang this romantic number quite well. There is a sufiana touch in singing and the composition is an absolute delight. Lyrics are meaningful at the same time, simple. I expect this number to pick up among mass as soon as the Ooh La La fever slows down.

The female version by Sunidhi Chauhan could have been better, if was sung by Shreya Ghoshal.

Honeymoon Ki Raat
Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan

Yes, you read it right. The song is titled “Honeymoon Ki Raat”. Pop in 80’s would be the best possible phrase to describe this number. Brilliant music production, perfect lyrics, addictive composition and spicy singing can make you go gaga. Vishal – Shekhar have flavored the 80’s vividly, kudos!

Twinkle Twinkle
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal and Rana Mazumder

The song has very suggestive lyrics. This song would heve been better, if was sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, giggle! Vishal – Shekhar seems to be inspired from RD’s music for this song, but somehow the song lacks the zest and it misses the spark of RD’s music. Rana Mazumder does a fabulous job as RD's substitute. A good listen though.

One Line Music Review: Oh, the album has four originals, one reprised version and one remix. I wish if album was bulk quantity wise , anyway, it is bulk quality wise. Is this “Dirty Picture” worth buying? Yeah sure! 

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ½

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ra One Movie Review

Bollywood Dil Se Movie Review: Ra One

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤
Movie Information: IMDB Link , Wiki
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Sahana Goswami, Armaan Verma, Satish Shah, Tom Wu
Direction: Anubhav Sinha
Genre: Sci-Fi


I have been observant that the movies that create a huge hype before their release always prove to be disappointing. Take it Mausam or Bodyguard or Ra-One, the big budget releases in recent times have not been able to fulfill the expectations from them.

Shahrukh Khan has put 2 years of his life in this movie, and going strictly by the cinematic experience, the movie is not worthy of it. Instead of reviewing this movie in conventional way, here is the review of Ra One based on two pillars – Ra – Ones or the bad ones due to which the movie is a letdown and G – Ones or the good ones which somehow make this movie a one time watch.


Ra – Ones for the movie (The reasons why Ra-One fails to create the magic of Robot):

Everyone would have Ra – One Vs Robot (Enthiran) criteria in their mind, but no one will compare it directly, sorry if I go beyond the line, but this is what I really feel.I dont know why people are comparing Ra One and Bodyguard, its extremely foolish! 

The “Truth Always Triumphs” thing is presented in such a messy way, that the viewer gets confused, bored and clinched.  Plot of the movie is taken from various films like Terminator – 2, Bicentennial Man and many other Hollywood movies.

There is extremely poor characterization of protagonist and antagonist, how can a super hero made up of infrared or ultraviolet rays eat something? More doubtingly, how can someone evolved out of rays be strong as steel? There may be logic behind all these gimmicks, but frankly, they are too complicated to understand. Someone please educate me. The epics in these genre like Avatar, Terminator Series, Batman Series or say Robot or Krrish click in the viewer’s mind due to clear concept and simple story which is missing in Ra – One. Shahrukh as South Indian father seems to be mocking at the particular caste, which is pathetic. Even if the intension behind Shekhar Subramanium’s character may be to create some giggling moments, it does not.

Again, very dull show. First ten minutes are entertaining but not needed at all. By the end of boring first half, one feels that the second half would pay back to the prior damage, but it does not. Almost every alternate sequence sans Ra – One or G – One seems unwanted. Three consecutive songs in first half and two in second half nowhere benefit the story that is so predictable.

 The screenplay is a mash of Hollywood movies. Chase sequences are inspired from Matrix, Car lifting sequences from X Men and the HART thing looks ditto from Iron Man. The desi quotient is missing in the screenplay (unlike Robot, which was so original, and if some portion was inspired, it never got me bored). There is never, an emotional attachment with the movie. Even, the thrill element essential for climax sequence is missing.

Anubhav Sinha has completely failed as a Sci – Fi director. Unlike visionary Shankar's Enthiran, the movie has loopholes (actually potholes) that are almost impossible to hide. 

If the movie is made for children, then why the hack, there is a load of adulterated humor throughout the movie. Lingo of Kareena is objectionable. There are vulgar dialogues on “Lee sisters” and “Main Part”, Moreover; Teen uttering “Condom Condom” is not fair Mr. Director. Sequences like Student seeing personal tape of a teacher, Pierced nipples of SRK, Power Yoga, Shahrukh asking for Keys to a blonde in ill-disciplined way, Shahrukh getting physical with Kareena Kapoor are all absolutely unbearable in a film made for Children. Despite all these Gay Jokes and Pink humor, movie is given a U Certificate, which is undoubtedly arguable.

The director has missed many sequences. Say, the birthday sequence of Prateek, where we see blonde women wearing bikini-blouse kind of top and skirt. What are these ill – dressed women doing in the birthday of a kid? Why someone would sing a song like Chamak Challo (where Kareena is dancing without Sari) at a birthday party? Shahrukh is laid in Coffin at first and then his ashes are shown, how is it possible? Kareena lights up candles with off candle. How can a super hero made up of light radiations eat curd and noodles? What was G- One doing by hanging on the antenna at roof top? Receiving DTH signals? Such loopholes are acceptable in a mindless entertainer, but certainly, not in a Sci – Fi movie.

Minor Ra- Ones: 
Background music is very weak; there are soundtracks of 70’s in a train chase sequence. I would sue the makeup artist of Sahana Goswami, she is such a beauty, but she does not look so in the movie. Actors like Satish Menon, Satish Shah and Dilip Tahil are wasted.

G-Ones for the movie:

This is the only reason to watch this movie. The technology used is simply spell bounding and first of its kind in India. Sound Engineering is first class. Resul truly deserves to be the Oscar winner. Kudos to Red Chilies!

Cinematography is splendid. The movie “looks” splendid in 3 D. Chamak Challo song and Dildaara Songs are very well filmed. London as well as Mumbai is shown vibrant and vivacious.

Thumbs up for Shahrukh as G-One (not as Shekhar but), ditto for Arjun. Tom Wu steals the show. Kareena looks gorgeous. Above all, I loved Sanjat Datt’s cameo and the master act of Rajni Da. Lovely.

One Line Review: Shahrukh fans will watch it anyhow. Non Shahrukh fans should watch it ONCE in 3 D, strictly for the sake of technology used. I go with generous three out of five for the movie, accounting only the G-Ones, If I count Ra-Ones then, it would be miserable to rate this movie.

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

Friday, October 21, 2011

Desi Boyz Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review : Desi Boyz

Desi Boyz
Music Director: Prittam
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil, Kumar, Amitabh Bhattacharya
BD Music Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

Make Some Noise For The Desi Boyz
Singers: KK and Bob

After splendid “Mausam” I expect much from Prittam with this one. The album kicks off with the track heavy on distortion. The tune has a very Prittam kind of feeling and reminds of Aahun Aahun at some places as well. Yet undeniably, this one is the USP of the album. Three highs of the track: stupefying lyrics, guitars around 2:10 – 2:30, and Krishnan Kunath (was missing in Mausam). The song is too energetic to charge up the party busters.

Subha Hone Na De
Singers: Mika Singh & Shefali Alvaris

I must say, Prittam has enhanced a lot on music production. This one is again very flippant song with a very odd pair rendering vocals – Mika and Shefali Alvaris. And yes, the singers make this song alive. This track is basically a pop song with uncanny lyrics, but the singers (it’s good to hear Mika singing something that is not of folk genre) make it exceptional. Rap portion is funky. Tune sounds much like English pop songs of 90’s though. I am more than satisfied till now.  

Jhak Maar Ke
Singers: Neeraj Shridhar & Harshdeep Kaur 

Brilliant acoustics make sure that this song will hap too. And yes, it does, till an extent. This one is a typical Prittam – Neeraj Shridhar track. I wonder why Prittam experimented with Harshdeep Kaur rather than his regular Sunidhi Chauhan, anyway Harshdeep carries off her part well. The song lacks vigor unlike previous two but it’s worth lending ears to this one. 

Allah Maaf Kare
Singers: Sonu Nigam and Shilpa Rao

The track begins with very engaging guitar work. Tune is somehow of ordinary level. Sonu Nigam tries to create a mood but the innovative chorus (the pitch bend around 0:10 and 1:30) spoils it. The song fails to create a strong imposition and relics like a song without feel. Shilpa Rao is wasted.

Let It Be
Singer: Shaan

I have been observant that Jhak Maar Ke, Allah Maaf Kare and this one (Let It Be) all start off in a same fashion, with fascinating guitars. This time its Shaan to croon yet again a typical Prittam composition. This track lacks very much required innovation. Lyrics keep on the flow and so does the singing. But song lacks the glimmer like the first two.

Tu Mera Hero
Singers: Mika Singh & Shefali Alvaris

With same tune and music production, this is the second version of Subah Hone Na De. I liked Subah Hone Na De more.

To conclude, there are remixes of all the originals except Let It Be.

One Line Music Review: The album starts on a high note but fails to keep up the pace or soul, good but not exceptional. 

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

Friday, October 14, 2011

Azaan Movie Review

Bollywood Dil Se Movie Review: Azaan

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤
Movie Information: IMDB Link , Wiki
Cast: Sachiin J Joshi, Candice Boucher, Dilip Tahil, Sajid Hassan, Amber Rosh Revah, Sarita Chaudhary
Direction: Prashant Chaddha
Genre: Action Thriller

Movie Overview:

Azaan is an attempt to make a spy action thriller of Hollywood echelon and makers have partly succeeded in their job. The movie is shot exotically, and seems polished but misses out the real thrill element of an action thriller. Thanks to very poor screenplay, a viewer is never connected with the movie, and thus enjoys this stylish odyssey at a superficial level only.

Sachin Joshi isn’t apt choice for this movie. The actor, who is also the producer of the movie, is unfortunately, a big letdown. If he would have casted some veteran actor of Bollywood and invested good amount in publicity and marketing, and the movie would have turned a money making machine for him.

Unfortunately, one of the most expensive movies of Bollywood (precisely 180 crores) will flop in an unnoticing approach.

I can easily summarize my experience of Azaan as follows.

Cinematography (arguably, the best that Bollywood has even seen)
Background Score (Undoubtedly, the best that Bollywood has heard this year till date)
Novel theme (biological warfare and undercover agent concept)

Sachin Joshi’s performance (and strictly okay performances from veterans like Dilip Tahil and Sajid Hassan due to scare scope)
Scattered screenplay (probably the worst one for such a tight-edited movie)

Nevertheless, I will watch this movie again, just to hear the background score by Salim – Sulaiman.


Quick Review:

Bad performance by Sachin Joshi and average performance by all the actors. Candice Boucher (playboy cover girl) and Amber Rose Revah (From Paris With Love fame) do their cameos well. It would not be wrong to say that Sachin Joshi has messed up the movie.

Story And Screenplay:
Story is good, screenplay is scattered, inconsistent and full of flaws.

Editing And Cinematography:
Kudos to editor and cinematographer!

Music And Background Score:
Music is good. Afreen and Khuda Ke Liye sounds good and are shot well. Background score is grandiose!

Direction is a series of hits and misses. Some sequences are brilliantly directed where as there are major loop holes post interval.

Final Verdict:
If screenplay (bad) and hero (very bad) were of the same standards like its cinematography (far better than most of Bollywood movies) and background score (far better than any movie released this year), then believe me folks, this could have been the Bollywood's answer to Bourne series.

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soundtrack Movie Review (BD)

Bollywood Dil Se Movie Review: Soundtrack

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Movie Information: IMDB Link , Wiki
Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Mrinalini Sharma, Soha Ali Khan, Manu Rishi, Mohan Kapoor, Ankur Tiwari, Siddharth Cuotto, Yateen Keryekar
Direction: Neerav Ghosh
Genre: Drama

[First things first, I rate movies based on what I see! And not what I could have seen. I have read reviews where critics mostly criticize the movie saying that the movie is good but it could have been better. Their statement is accepted if the movie fails to leave its proposed impact on the moviegoer. However, say, a movie is made to make a viewer laugh, and then you can’t criticize the movie saying that it did not make you cry. Reviewers say this movie, Soundtrack lacks humor in first half and it’s predictable in second half.

Now, to those reviewers, I would like to ask, did director ever intended to make you laugh out loud throughout the movie? I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Of course, the movie has dull moments but nothing is perfect. Regarding its predictability, I believe this is not a thriller, where you can expect twists and turn. The genre is drama and mostly, dramas have predictable story.]

Movie Overview:

In recent times, Bollywood has witnessed many melodramatic remakes (most of them, remade from South Indian movies). Soundtrack, though a remake of Canadian movie It’s all Gone Pete Tong (officially mentioned in the end credits of the movie), is thankfully not over-the-top. 

The movie is narrated in a documentary style, seldom taking interviews of many famous music personalities. The movie has an intriguing screenplay, where a viewer is supposed to get connected with the movie and its character and it happened to be the case with me.

Rajeev Khandelwal as Raunak Kaul is just marvelous. He is thoroughly in synch with his character and he has proved his versatility with this movie. Soundtrack is all and all a movie for Rajeev Khandelwal fans.

Soundtrack, has very good music but the background score of the movie sounds a bit pale. Two songs, Naina Lagey and Banao are placed wrongly in background score, which can’t be digested in a musical drama. The “Johnny Joker” element added to make it a bit artistic movie, is appreciative, but not needed.

Camera works is fancy. Cinematography is brilliant. Direction is good, not excellent.

The movie could have been narrated in a heroic way but the director chooses a subtle way (not to misinterpret as a mediocre way) of narration giving it an artistic touch rather than commercial appeal. 

To conclude, there are only two loopholes in this movie, first, no strong implication of mood of the movie. Second, background score of the movie.

Soundtrack, thus, deserves accolades and appreciation of viewers. Folks, don’t waste your money and time in the other movies this Friday, just go for this one! Highly recommended!


Quick Review:

Rajeev Khandelwal is brilliant. He transits well from a DJ hunk to a deaf musician. Mrinalini Sharma is unbelievably hot. Soha Ali Khan acts well (yes, you read it right). Both the ladies represent contradictions in Rajeev’s character. Mrinalini makes you go high in first half and Soha makes you feel dry in second. Mohan Kapoor is very good as a Casanova kind of manager. Ankur Tiwari (yes, the singer-composer) and Siddharth Cuotto (yes, the singer) are noteworthy. Manu Rishi is wasted.

Story And Screenplay:
Story and screenplay (majorly) is adapted from It's All Gone Pete Tong so not to credit much. Dialogues are fresh, crisp and hap devoid of any melodrama, which is commendable.

Editing And Cinematography:
Editing by Sanjey Roderick and Ambar Vyas is tight. Screenplay is intriguing and fast paced (at some extent, inconsistent too). Cinematography is fine and high on production values.

Music And Background Score:
Music is good. Read the Soundtrack music review here. Background score is okay.


Direction is good, still a long way to go. I hope to see more of him soon.

Final Verdict:
Don’t trust the reviewers that rate Bodyguard as first class, and do go for this movie. You won’t be disappointed, if you love good cinema. 

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 
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