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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Damadamm Music Review Himesh Reshammiya (BD)

BD Music Review: Damadamm

Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya, Sachin Gupta (Promotional Song)
Lyrics: Sameer, Shabbir Ahmed
BD Music Rating: * * 1/2

Singer: Himesh Reshammiya & Vinit Singh & Alam Gir Khan & Palak Muchhal & Shabab Sabri & Sabina Shaikh & Rubina Shaikh & Punnu Brar

The album commences with a Trans – qawalli, exactly due to this reason, the song doesn’t get on at first listen. The song seems more like a remix rather than the original soundtrack. The lyrics sound anomalous when compared with beat. The song lacks psyche. I am disappointed.

Umrao Jaan
Singer:Himesh Reshammiya & Purbi Joshi

The song begins with slow tabla and Bhangra beats and irksome lyrics no touching, no touching ; only seeing seeing. As soon as the song starts, you feel as if the song is going to swift up a little, but that momentum never comes (Instead of it, Himesh places a high-paced remixed version). Frankly, I am bored by now.

Aaja Ve
Singer: Himesh Reshammiya

Yeah! This is what needed. The guitar in the beginning marks its presence. Then the high – bass beats takeover. Himesh’s voice and tune both sound familiar, yet I like the song (may be because of previous two disasters). Anyways, the song is hap and sounds cool.

Singer: Himesh Reshammiya & Aditi Singh Sharma

Well, all those who wonder why the stress is given on the word “Ishq Unplugged” here is the reason. The movie was tentatively titled Ishq Unplugged rather than Damadamm. Talking about the song, first, I hate the way Himesh pronounces Khushboo and Madhushala. The changes in tempo makes it innovative. The song has a good tune, but Himesh’s voice ruins all. Female vocals are first-rate and the same is exactly opposite with male vocals. This one seems quite a situational song. As an audio piece, it sounds weird. It might get addictive later to HR fans, but I feel it won't do so to me. 

Yun To Mera Dil
Singer: Himesh Reshammiya & Sadhana Sargam

Again, the song initiates with beautiful rendering of guitars. This is a song where you anticipate for Mohit Chauhan, but you heed a not-so-fresh voice of Himesh. Himesh has wasted a good tune owing to his voice. And as I am about to skip the song, I hear the beautiful voice of Sadhna Sargam. But why, for the god sakes, she is offered only one line to sing!

Hum Tum
Singer: Himesh Reshammiya & Vaishali Made

The song has some catchy lyrics. Actually for the first time while listening this album, I feel touched. The soul has soul, tune, beats and of course, brilliant lyrics. The album now gives me mixed feelings.

Tere Bina
Singer:  Himesh Reshammiya

The song has good slow, jazzy beats and beautiful chords on keyboards. The lyrics are soulful and so is the singing. The song has a little resemblance with Teri Yaad from Namaste London. Somehow, I feel that Himesh manages soft songs very well, but he falls flat when it comes to upbeat songs.

I need more space
Singer: Himesh Reshammiya

I am right. Himesh’s voice doesn’t suit upbeat songs. In addition to this, he has now tried to present a rock song in his voice. And let me clearly state it, the song is not at all rocking. The song lacks the attitude and sounds more like a sad song. Rock singers thrash their vocals from mouth and not from their nose Mr. Himesh.

Singer: Himesh Reshammiya & Aditi Singh Sharma

This is a soft song, so it is supposed to be good. And it is. The song which could have been easily addictive remains a mediocre attempt due to juvenile lyrics. 

Bhool Jaun
Singer:  Himesh Reshammiya and Sachin Gupta

Well well! Himesh trusts on someone else rather than him this time, Sachin Gupta, and let me tell you folks, Himesh has done a good thing. The song is not exceptional, but somehow it clicks to your ears. Himesh could have allowed Sachin Gupta to manage some more songs of the movie, rather than him doing the peppy tracks.

And there are five more remixes on the cover. Some songs which I personally find addictive are “Aaja Ve” , “Hum Tum”, and “Tere Bina”. Out of ten originals, only three are outstanding, this forces me to give the album a two and a half out of five.

Rating:* * 1/2


  1. Nice review.. I love Aaja Ve, Umraojaan and Dammadam remix

  2. Nice post :) I partly disagree with you..the album could have been rated a three, if you count the remixes.

  3. I had huge failed.the album sucks

  4. I am not a himesh fan...but seriously album is way better than earlier Himesh compositions...specially Aaja Ve, Hum tum and Madhushala......Acc to me deserves at least 3 stars..

  5. bhoool jaaauunnn best trackkkkkk
    sachin voice rocksss live it

  6. ^^ Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your point of view.

  7. ^^ ^^ Agreed. Album is better than Previous Milenge Milenge and Kajra re..But I was expecting something like Radio.

    Songs of Radio especially, Rafa Dafa Kiya Nahi Jaye,Man Ka radio, Jaaneman, Piya Jaise Ladoo, Koi Na Koi Chahe and Teri Meri Dosti were great.

    Hope you understand.

  8. @himanshu desai ji....looks like u like only soft songs which touch heart....bcoz all these songs of Radio are really heart touching...anyways its ur review..i respect that..

  9. v bad judgement.... songs r awesome.... there r all varietes in this album.. must listen frendss. 4 star deserving

  10. ^^ ^^ I have rated Shaitan and Delhi Belly a four. While Force a three and Haunted three and a half.

    Anyways, thanks for your feedback :)

  11. Nice review. It might be disappointing for a hard core fan of HR like me, but the truth is always bitter.

  12. i guess 3stars should have been given....
    first 4 tracks are awesum...aja ve,damadamm title track,madhushala n umrao jaan....all songs are diffrnt n higly creative thumbs up to himesh n rest of the songs are slow yet effective in parts...remix versions are also good...good comebck by himesh:)

  13. i too think that the songs are not catchy,,, worth 2.5 stars.. H.R fan being a bit lenient can give 3 but not more than dat.... pronounciation of madhushala and khushboo is a carp..... i just liked damaadan and umarojaan... :) keep going himanshu sir... :)

  14. Dipen: Thanks for feedback.

    Sam: Thanks for feedback. I respect your point of view.

  15. Looks like lot of mixed reactions here.

    I would like to judge your review after I see the review of Planet Bollywood And Bollywood Hungama.

  16. Hum Tum is a very bad composition on the lyrics front,they are way too simple as compared to Himesh previous works.

  17. All Songs r gud n catchy too. Umraoo jaan is bit slow bt remix version sounds gud.. Madhushala reminds me 70's feel. Like how emotional attyachar song ws pronounced as emosnal like dat madhushala n khushboo are prounced as madusaala n khusboo as well.. I like aaja ve, mango, infact all songs r gud.. Cant choose... 4stars hatts off himesh. Ur back... Bodyguard n nw damadam.. All Songs r gud n catchy too. Umraoo jaan is bit slow bt remix version sounds gud.. Madhushala reminds me 70's feel. Like how emotional attyachar song ws pronounced as emosnal like dat madhushala n khushboo are prounced as madusaala n khusboo as well.. I like aaja ve, mango, infact all songs r gud.. Cant choose... 4stars hatts off himesh. Ur back... Bodyguard n nw damadam..

  18. To all those retards who want to see 5 stars or 4 stars for damadamm,

    See the bollywood hungama review. A reluctant 3.5
    and see the planet bollywood review. a 5.5/10!!

    That says it all.

    Nice work Bollywood Dil Se. You dared to give the album a 2.5 that too, first on needs gutts to rate a 2.5 to Himesh starrer movie!

  19. i love the song madhusala,aaja ve
    u critics ...don't be silly by useless judging the beutiful composition of himesh...
    u critics are damm asshole

  20. nothing makes difference what u people think or
    what critics are rating this album
    now people have stopped believing in reviews by critics
    atlast what the audience of the world says wud often d song are being played
    all this things will be considered to rate this album
    and i m confident that songs like tere bina, damadamm,yun toh mera dil,bhool jaun will emerge as a huge hit

  21. Strange, here I see mixed review of the article, where as the same article which I found here ,

    are getting excellent reviews,the post has got 8/10!

  22. After the super success of Bodyguard, Damadamm is something beyond just a commercial outing....

    Damadamm's music boasts of some very heart touching melodies like Tere Bina, Hum Tum & Yun toh mera dil...

    Besides this Umrao Jaan n Damadamm add up the Party quotient to this musical outing...

    Madhushala is totally massy n hardly classy...Catchy yet a disappointment as it stands nowhere close to above masterpieces....

    Mango and I Need My Space are very hard on ears....These tracks negate the level n ratings of this album...

    I wish Himesh had enuf sense to censor these tracks out....

    Lastly Bhool Jaaoon is really surprising and fresh number from young talent Sachin Gupta...

    On whole Damadamm has gigantic DUM bearing a couple of tracks....

    Definitely worth a buy or atleast a listen....


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