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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rascals Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review: Rascals

Music Director: Vishal - Shekhar
Lyrics: Anvita Datt & Irshad Kamil
BD Music Rating: * * *

Singer: Neeraj Shridhar

I expect the album to be very peppy and upbeat. The title song has all the chances to be a youth anthem. The song has a good sum of catchy lyrics, peppy music and funky vocals by Neeraj Shridhar. The music arrangement sounds very innovative, thanks to instruments like harmonium and violin along with synthesized beats. Above all, lyrics make you loop this song again.

Tik Tuk
Singer:Daler Mahendi and Monali Thakur

The sprightly mood of the album continues with this Daler Mahendi song. The lyrics sound ordinary and quite meaningless this time. The song gets very much lifted due to rap section. Monali Thakur brings the north Indian flavor in the song.

Pardaah Nasheen
Singer: Neeraj Shridhar and Sunidhi Chauhan

Now, the songs start to be repetitive. The song has brilliant backing vocals by Vishal and music production sound like good quality stuff. Somehow, the song is neither hummable nor addictive.

Shake It Saiyyan
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan and Haji Springer

The last original of the album has again very catchy lyrics. After a strong start, the song fumbles in interlude. With Sunidhi Chauhan singing the song and some heavy bass beats banging to back up her vocals, you can’t escape from this foot-tapping number. Californion rapper Haji Springer makes the song more qualitative.

Only four originals and that too of the same genre make this album an average one.  The album is not outstanding or innovative, but in the end, Vishal – Shekhar has successfully managed to keep the mood of the album. Bluntly speaking, three out of four songs are first-rate, so I rate this album a three. Now, I am waiting for the happening soundtrack of Ra.One. 

Rating: * * *

(P.S : This rating has nothing to relate with my previous music album review. And to all those HR Fans who have outrageous attitude towards my review, folks! This is my personal review. I respect your point of view; you respect mine. As simple as that.)


  1. Again first on net. Keep it up :)

  2. I feel the album is same as it was in Bbudhah Hoga Tera Baap.


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