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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ra One Movie Review

Bollywood Dil Se Movie Review: Ra One

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤
Movie Information: IMDB Link , Wiki
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Sahana Goswami, Armaan Verma, Satish Shah, Tom Wu
Direction: Anubhav Sinha
Genre: Sci-Fi


I have been observant that the movies that create a huge hype before their release always prove to be disappointing. Take it Mausam or Bodyguard or Ra-One, the big budget releases in recent times have not been able to fulfill the expectations from them.

Shahrukh Khan has put 2 years of his life in this movie, and going strictly by the cinematic experience, the movie is not worthy of it. Instead of reviewing this movie in conventional way, here is the review of Ra One based on two pillars – Ra – Ones or the bad ones due to which the movie is a letdown and G – Ones or the good ones which somehow make this movie a one time watch.


Ra – Ones for the movie (The reasons why Ra-One fails to create the magic of Robot):

Everyone would have Ra – One Vs Robot (Enthiran) criteria in their mind, but no one will compare it directly, sorry if I go beyond the line, but this is what I really feel.I dont know why people are comparing Ra One and Bodyguard, its extremely foolish! 

The “Truth Always Triumphs” thing is presented in such a messy way, that the viewer gets confused, bored and clinched.  Plot of the movie is taken from various films like Terminator – 2, Bicentennial Man and many other Hollywood movies.

There is extremely poor characterization of protagonist and antagonist, how can a super hero made up of infrared or ultraviolet rays eat something? More doubtingly, how can someone evolved out of rays be strong as steel? There may be logic behind all these gimmicks, but frankly, they are too complicated to understand. Someone please educate me. The epics in these genre like Avatar, Terminator Series, Batman Series or say Robot or Krrish click in the viewer’s mind due to clear concept and simple story which is missing in Ra – One. Shahrukh as South Indian father seems to be mocking at the particular caste, which is pathetic. Even if the intension behind Shekhar Subramanium’s character may be to create some giggling moments, it does not.

Again, very dull show. First ten minutes are entertaining but not needed at all. By the end of boring first half, one feels that the second half would pay back to the prior damage, but it does not. Almost every alternate sequence sans Ra – One or G – One seems unwanted. Three consecutive songs in first half and two in second half nowhere benefit the story that is so predictable.

 The screenplay is a mash of Hollywood movies. Chase sequences are inspired from Matrix, Car lifting sequences from X Men and the HART thing looks ditto from Iron Man. The desi quotient is missing in the screenplay (unlike Robot, which was so original, and if some portion was inspired, it never got me bored). There is never, an emotional attachment with the movie. Even, the thrill element essential for climax sequence is missing.

Anubhav Sinha has completely failed as a Sci – Fi director. Unlike visionary Shankar's Enthiran, the movie has loopholes (actually potholes) that are almost impossible to hide. 

If the movie is made for children, then why the hack, there is a load of adulterated humor throughout the movie. Lingo of Kareena is objectionable. There are vulgar dialogues on “Lee sisters” and “Main Part”, Moreover; Teen uttering “Condom Condom” is not fair Mr. Director. Sequences like Student seeing personal tape of a teacher, Pierced nipples of SRK, Power Yoga, Shahrukh asking for Keys to a blonde in ill-disciplined way, Shahrukh getting physical with Kareena Kapoor are all absolutely unbearable in a film made for Children. Despite all these Gay Jokes and Pink humor, movie is given a U Certificate, which is undoubtedly arguable.

The director has missed many sequences. Say, the birthday sequence of Prateek, where we see blonde women wearing bikini-blouse kind of top and skirt. What are these ill – dressed women doing in the birthday of a kid? Why someone would sing a song like Chamak Challo (where Kareena is dancing without Sari) at a birthday party? Shahrukh is laid in Coffin at first and then his ashes are shown, how is it possible? Kareena lights up candles with off candle. How can a super hero made up of light radiations eat curd and noodles? What was G- One doing by hanging on the antenna at roof top? Receiving DTH signals? Such loopholes are acceptable in a mindless entertainer, but certainly, not in a Sci – Fi movie.

Minor Ra- Ones: 
Background music is very weak; there are soundtracks of 70’s in a train chase sequence. I would sue the makeup artist of Sahana Goswami, she is such a beauty, but she does not look so in the movie. Actors like Satish Menon, Satish Shah and Dilip Tahil are wasted.

G-Ones for the movie:

This is the only reason to watch this movie. The technology used is simply spell bounding and first of its kind in India. Sound Engineering is first class. Resul truly deserves to be the Oscar winner. Kudos to Red Chilies!

Cinematography is splendid. The movie “looks” splendid in 3 D. Chamak Challo song and Dildaara Songs are very well filmed. London as well as Mumbai is shown vibrant and vivacious.

Thumbs up for Shahrukh as G-One (not as Shekhar but), ditto for Arjun. Tom Wu steals the show. Kareena looks gorgeous. Above all, I loved Sanjat Datt’s cameo and the master act of Rajni Da. Lovely.

One Line Review: Shahrukh fans will watch it anyhow. Non Shahrukh fans should watch it ONCE in 3 D, strictly for the sake of technology used. I go with generous three out of five for the movie, accounting only the G-Ones, If I count Ra-Ones then, it would be miserable to rate this movie.

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. ra one cant be robot..rajni rocks!

  2. Ra one is wasted... It could have been much better.... Robot is the best Indian sci-fi movie... is miserable...


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