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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Force Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review :Force

Music Director: Harris Jayraj, Lalit Pandit (Dum Hai To Aaja)
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
BD Music Rating:***

Khwabon Khwabon
Singer: K.K. ,Suchitra

First of all, the movie is a remake of Surya starrer Khakka Khakka  The music director of the movie, Harris Jayraj (his second Bollywood movie after RHTDM, almost after 10 years) is kept intact for the Hindi version. This song is recreated from Uyirin Uyirae (Cheliya Cheliya in Telugu, I play it too often on my Ipod). The music arrangement, singers and everything else is served without any change from previous versions except lyrics. The lyrics by Javed Akhtar make this song equally beautiful. K.K. as usual is good but female vocals by Suchitra are remarkable.

Chahoon Bhi
Singer: Karthik, Bombay Jayshree

Wow, Bombay Jayshree in Bollywood! I still hear her "Zara Zara" from RHTDM, and it seems that I will be looping this song till her next one comes in the market. The song is beautiful, Melodious, Jazzy; to conclude, the song is a typical Harris Jayraj song. Karthik fills up the bill in the second interlude of the song. The album has progressed well till now.

Dum Hai To Aaja
Singer: Mahua Kamat

This song is by guest composer Lalit Pandit. It's good to hear a rock song from him, but frankly the song is a mediocre attempt. Lyrics and Vocals by Javedsaab and Mahua Kamat are good, but somehow the song lacks the feel and attitude of a rock song. The singer tries too hard to create an impact but the overall ambiance of the song is sub-superior. 

Main Chali
Singer: Naresh Iyer, Shreya Ghoshal

This genre is the fortage of Harris Jayraj. Melody with beats. I have listened his so many Telugu albums and I love his Orange or recently Rangam, this album sounds much like those two. The lyrics fail this time, sounds more like some Tollywood movie dubbed in Hindi.

Dil Ki Hai Tammana
Singer: Vijay Prakash, Shalini Singh, Neha Bhasin

Again a melodious tune from Harris Jayraj. The lyrics are very good this time. Vocals by Vijay Prakash are remarkable. The song lacks new innovations and is thus, an ordinary attempt.

Now, the album comes to a sudden halt. Only five songs in an album by Harris Jayraj!! This is something unexpected. Overall, This is an ordinary Harris Jayraj album. Songs make you feel good, but don't leave a deeper impact on you. RTHDM was a cult, unfortunately, FORCE is not!



  1. All songs are good...

  2. Who the hell wrote this review. Must be someone with crappy music taste or must be someone who attempted to write within 1 or 2 listenings. Songs are too good. Specially "Dil Ki Hai".

  3. You are free to defer from my point of view, I think you haven't read the complete review.

    Only Dum Hai To Aaja is an avoidable song. Dil Ki Hai Tammana as I Said is melodious. But I have listened many songs like this from the same composer. Check out the songs of Rangam, Orange, Vaaranam Aayiram. These songs belong to the same genre.

    Thats why I rated it a 3.

  4. @Himanshu: It seems you are the admin, keep up the good work.

    @Anonymous: get a life looser! at least dare to write your full name.


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