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Monday, November 14, 2011

Rockstar Movie Ending (BD)

Rockstar Movie Ending

An ending of a never ending saga

Dear folks, Those who has not seen “Rockstar” yet, please don’t read the article. Those who don’t complain about ending, probably because they paid more attention to the movie, this article is a waste of time for you. Many people will find this post amateur probably because they have understood the movie very well. Guys, please don’t read ahead, this article is not for you.

This post is for my friends who could not pay attention to the movie due to incoming calls (pun intended), or those who missed the movie due to late arrival post interval. Some people left cinema halls even before the ending; this article is my dedication for them.   


This is the first time I am writing two articles for a single movie, so it is palpable that I really love this movie. The movie according to me is the greatest love storytelling in recent times in Bollywood. Most of the Bollywood movies nowadays have adapted screenplay from Tollywood movies, most of them have a predictable start, interval and more importantly the end. But Rockstar is far beyond the conventional movie making.

The story begins with Ranbir escaping Prague Police and somehow managing to perform at the show. But that’s not the beginning neither the end. The movie begins when we see Ranbir singing Jo Bhi Main for girls waiting at the bus stand. And the movie progresses in continuation till he departs from Nargis in Kashmir. 

In mean time we see that Aditi Rao Hydari is personally interested in Jordan’s character and she interviews some people who seem close to Ranbir but, are not. Then she interviews Kumud Mishra. Here is when the next flashback part of the movie begins where we see that Ranbir was thrown out of his home and he lived in a Dargah and the story continues till he is seen publishing his first music on recommendation of Shammi Kapoor.

hen, Kumud Mishra fixes the interview of Ranbir with Aditi (In a short flashback, we see the row between Ranbir and Piyush Mishra where Ranbir mocks over Mishra’s advices) and the story moves on without any more flashbacks, Ranbir now heads to Prague and reunites with Nargis. 


After Interval the story moves straight without any flashbacks till the point where Nargis, is diagnosed to have bone marrow.

Now heading towards the ending….
We see that Nargis is in coma and her condition has worsened. Then her younger sister calls Ranbir as she wants to confirm if Nargis is pregnant. Ranbir is soon to perform at the concert but as soon as he receives the phone, he leaves the concert and goes straight to meet Nargis. Meanwhile, we see a flashback where we shockingly realize that Nargis is pregnant. In ICU, Ranbir realizes that Nargis has stopped responding (she doesn’t kiss back Ranbir, obviously, she is in coma :-P). This is when Ranbir realizes that Nargis will die soon. Ranbir then surrenders to cops. He is bailed from Patiala Court and he does his "middle finger act". He saw this thing done by Jim Morrison, and now   he realizes why JM did so.


Ranbir sings Nadaan Parinday in a hope that Nargis’ condition will improve and they both will reunite (lyrics are haunting BTW!) meanwhile, Ranbir feels that Nargis is with him on the stage, but she is not. The end credit rolls as soon as we see Ranbir and Nargis superficially together on the stage. The ending suggests that Nargis has died in coma and the naive falcon (Nadaan Parinda- Nargis) has returned home (reunited with Ranbir, not in physical way, probably her soul is now omnipresent with Ranbir). The abrupt end at this point indicates that Love is eternal.

Ranbir is not dead.Nadaan Parinday indicates that Ranbir is still alive, more heartbroken and tragic. There is a scene where Ranbir pukes and later we see Ranbir in bath tub and his burning guitar, indicating that he is still burning inside and is not happy anymore! So tragic and yet so subtle.......

Dear Imtiaz,

It needs great guts to present a simple but effective love story in a different way. It needs more guts to convey the poignant ending in a positive way. You did it, and did it very convincingly. I absolutely loved the way screenplay is written.

Dear Folks,

Those who complain that the movie is dragged in second half, I disagree with you. This is the time when we see pure passion amidst the lovers (Aur Ho song is poetically describing the love at its passionate best). This is the time where the viewer is allowed to gulp in the quick storyline that covers a span of almost a decade in hundred minutes. 

To those, who complain that there was no emotional attachment with the story, my heartily condolence to them!

UPDATE: Article edited and thanks to Mitesh Saraf and AJ Rox for pointing out goofs.

(P.S : This is my interpretation of an open ended movie, discussions with logic are welcomed...)


  1. I felt connected and really I found it a beautiful love story.

  2. watched it four times in last 2 dayz,great story telling,great acting by ranbir and great music.Best fick this tear

  3. I wish to know if anyone has alternate interpretation of ending of this flick...

  4. The end part where ranbir recalls the incident of the two together(where they made love to each other & she became pregnant) shows that it was nargis not ranbir who was persuading ranbir to make love. It shows that despite everyone blaming him for putting nargis life in misery.It was not his fault as he didn't knew anything about complications. However, it is not clearly shown why she wants to kill herself whether it was bcoz she felt that their love was just not making her life & but also jordan's life miserable too. do comment if you liked it.

  5. really great article...but i beg to differ in some points...
    first of all, Ranbir doesn't leave nargis to attend the concert, instead he is going to surrender himself to the police...

    he attends his concert much later, as we can see that he has grown out his hair, which would take atleast 4-5 months...
    till that time he is all broken and stuff and blames himself for heer's fate...

    one thing which really bugs is that during the song Nadaan parindey in the end, a shot of Nargis in the hospital is shown, and she's breathing...which gives a hint that she might get well, or maybe she's still in coma, but thrashes the fact that she died...

    but the conclusion remains that they want to live in another world, without society, pressure and other hurdles in their love...this can, in some way be connected to the dialogue that Ranbir says in the beginning, "sahi aur galat se door ek maidan hai, main wahan milunga tujhe"

    whatever, it was one hell of a movie, never put so much thought on an indian movie, and not even in hollywood flicks like inception...

  6. Rockstar is one of the finest and gutsy movie till date in Bollywood, Inception was one of those Hollywood flicks. As far as the Climax, My dear, The Nadaan Parindey concert is held long after he leaves Nargis in coma, Ranbir can't grow beard and hair in just a span of 1 or 2 days. It's a journey that he embarks on and the song "Tum Ho" justifies everything and if one hears the song with all ears, one can very well connect the dots and understand what Imtiaz Ali was tryng to portray!
    People who didn't liked the movie, better go watch flicks like Ready and Bodyguard..
    Make way, Bollywood is changing!

  7. this is another kickass movie by imtiaz ali!my interpretation would be tht he(ranbir) is so obsessed with his love, in fact he himself shatters his love by impregnating nargis!@himanshu- rest i totally agree with u on the nadaan parindey part. and i didn't feel at all tht the movie was dragged!

  8. @mitesh: true, the concert was held much later in the film...

    Even inception had an open ending, but because it was a hollywood flick there are lots of articles explaining the 3 possible ends. Unfortunately, it's not the case with Rockstar, as this is the only article I found so far that discusses it's ending, and even it has a few factual errors...but really appreciate the author, for being the first to do this...hope more articles surface by, and would love if Imtiaz comments something about it.

  9. BTW, the first movie after 3 idiots which has amazing Re-play value...watched it 3 times already.

  10. AJ - Rox: Went for second time today, after I realised that I goofed up at some places , thanks to you and Mitesh.

    And yes, I agree with the point that concert was held much later.

    And Heer is dead for sure AJ.

    She is shown breathing in coma, but that could be the last breath of Nargis, because
    1)Nargis can't get well medically and there is no hope miraculously as Ranbir was not with him...

    2)It is clearly shown in Nadaan Parindey that Ranbir is the only one that feels the presence of Nargis, and she is not on the stage.

    what say :)

  11. Mitesh: Thanks for pointing out man. and yes even wordings of Tum Ko poetically conveys that Heer is no more physically..

    Tum Ko Paa Hi Liya Maine Yun,
    Jaise Main Hoon "EHSAAS" Tera,
    Paas Main Tere Hoon..

  12. BTW, no one is talking about Aditi Rao Hydari, her role was very strong.

    Somewhere in the beginning, her boss asks her to keep her egos aside and work on her report of rising stars..what kind of egos!? I think she initally hated Ranbir..In interview with Piyush Mishra, she says that she is not at all a fan of Jordan...

    And later she fell in love with him..or atleast got infatuated towards Ranbir..

    What say??

  13. tus6574: I agree with you but its just that Nargis didnt kill herself,she died...

  14. himanshu desai: i don't think so, as it can't be true that everyone from her family knows that she can't get pregnant except nargis. The incident in hospital where doctor asks nargis's mother that "Is she pregnant?" ,that scene clearly shows that her mother knows that she can't become pregnant & it is obvious that if she knows then nargis knows too.Bcoz she(nargis) is the one who will be taking precautions not her mother & how could she not know about that...however it is not clear that why she wants to kill herself...

  15. tus6574: Thanks for reply.

    Nargis is pregnant for sure..I think the precaution is not in that sense. You might have noticed that Nargis' mom always sent Nargis' sister Mandy along with Nargis and Mandy...Take it during car rides or to Himalayas..Nargis' mom never ever left Nargis alone with Ranbir..she took precaution in that sense.But as the ending shows, Ranbir and Nargis books a room alone where Nargis insists to make love and she gets pregnant..But she is not in position to justify it (as she is in coma) and so everyone blames Ranbir for her critical condition :)

  16. Ya Nargis can't come back to life for sure, but the end doesn't even justify whether Ranbir got his inner peace and calmness back after his imaginary meeting with Heer...

    one really great point I found in the movie was Ranbir's anger increased with the further apart he was from Heer...

    When heer was just married and they remained friends, he was alright...Then after their meeting in Prague, where Heer tells him not to ever see her again, his level of anger increases...

    And finally it touches the highest note when Ranbir finds out that Heer is in coma (technically the farthest away from him now), he even beats up the policeman due to this level of anger.

    Not to mention that he is at his best behaviour with Heer, behaving in a very well-mannered way with everyone and stuff...For example, when after his concert in Prague, he goes after Heer and the media person try to stop him, he calmly requests them to wait...But after his fight with Heer, he just yells at them and bails out...

    These simple changes in Ranbir's behaviour, linked to Heer were awesome...

  17. And yeah, Aditi Rao Hydari was HOTTT!!! Never saw her before in any movie, even though she has been in a lot of them.

    Might be that she was in love with Ranbir, or just his story. Ladies tend to have an attraction towards men with tragic love stories (take the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" for instance), so maybe that made him attracted towards Ranbir, or maybe she was just trying to dig up interesting material.

  18. Aj Rox: You should grab a dvd of Yeh Saali Zindagi, according to me its best cult thriller of the we all know..Aditi Rao Hydari came into limelight after that movie..

  19. Will someone plz tell me what actually happened in the end? Imitiaz ji may be you can throw some light???

  20. According to me, ranbir and nargis both die in the runs in flashback since very beginning, in the end, heer comes on stage to take jordan to a field far away from the concept of right doing and wrong doing....

  21. ^ Not possible..if the movie is actually a flashback of Ranbir, then Ranbir should be there in each and every frame of the movie, which never happens..more importantly, we never see any moment from which we can conclude that Ranbir died or at least under critical sorry..

  22. 1st i loved t does prague concert fit in t story ? why r cops behind him ther ?

  23. Hey folks..I am quite impressed by the study u people have done here..but what i feel for sure that i have a complete different view here..I just read about Jim Morrison..As far as the article said he died in the same way as its shown Ranbir sitting in the bathtub..
    Moreover in the movie its shown that Ranbir never drank without nargis.. but he was shows that he started hating her..
    Nargis was breathing in the hospital so she cant be dead...
    SO to summmarise my end.. Ranbir started hating her because she didnt tell her that her condition was that critical and everybody blamed him...he performed but was on drugs,alcohol or whatever u say..but when he performs at stage actually thats not the last part..its the time between he left the hospital and he died..he feels nargis with her but same time hated last he dies of overdose of drugs..
    The burning star shows that he stopped singing..Nargis might have died on later stage seeing that ranbeer died...

  24. @Anonymous: those are some nice observations, I actually have a new concept now, thanks to you...

    After singing Nadaan Parindey, Ranbir feels Nargis's presence, which is actually her soul. He then remembers that Heer asked her to live in their "own" world (which is probably an afterlife world). Since Heer's soul (aatma) is free, it is confirmed that she is dead, free of her bodily form.

    Remembering this, Ranbir burns up his guitar, drinks a lot, and does everything to harm himself. He ends up killing himself in the bathtub just like Jim Morrison, and the lovers re-unite in their own parallel world...

    P.S.: An autopsy was never conducted on Jim Morrison, so it's not a fact that he died from a drug overdose, infact many of Jim's close folks believe he committed suicide.

  25. @Himanshu: I think you should edit the article, and instead of paragraphs about the beginning, and the interval, you should just describe the 3-4 possible ends of the movie.

    I bet there a lot of folks searching with the terms "what happened in the end" on google

  26. Andy_Totem: Hey, IMDB Buddy! Good to see you here!

    At the very beginning of Nadaan Parindey, three four frames in black n white rolls in which we see that Ranbir gets tussled with cops on some issue..could not notice clearly, will observe carefully next time...and so Ranbir runs and cops are chasing him..

  27. AJ-Rox: Thanks for idea man, let this post die, so that I collect observations from all the commentators and create an article seperately..till then, just enjoy the different interpretations here!

  28. Well i thnk that we as hindi movie audiences have a very bad habit of seeing happy nd complete endings...........nd for me it wasnt so as they dnt cleraly show that actualy wht happened to ranbir at d end.......but everythng from the starting till before the ending is superosum.....actualy its just ranbir nd ranbir who has acted super osumly well :-D and nargis at some point showd that she was new bt as a whole its freakngly osum and ya some 1 on this page nly cmnted that *she tried to kill herslf* bt wht i feel is that when she with ranbir she forgot everythng as she was in love with him

  29. Riya: Thanks for comment, I appreciate it, but don't spam, be patient, I conduct moderation twice a your comment will definitely appear within 12 posted the same comment six times :)

    Happy blogwalking!

  30. @himanshu i am really sorry for that actually there was some prob. with my cell and it was being posted again and again so may be cuz of that it happen to appear 6 tyms i am sorry :) and ya ua blog really helped me to understand the end of rockstar as i cunt anyways

  31. Riya: I am glad that this post helped you..keep checking back for latest Bollywood stuff..

    My recent post:
    Don 2 Music Review

  32. check this article . It says ranbir dies in the end

  33. @himanshu ya sure anyway thanxx
    @anonymous ya this may be possible cuzz they actually dint show what actually happened to ranbir but may be he dies as nargis dies so it may be possible that he dies :) jo bhe kahoo but ranbir has made JORDAN character far far far.... beyond my imagination

  34. are sir kha dikhaya he ki vo coma ke baad mar gyi...beech me story ko latka ke chor diyaa...bad script

  35. all thing are good but end is not good

  36. No post mortems. jus loved d way it strung my heart, again. and yes cried too.

  37. are bhai Nargis died as ranbir noticed while nadaan parinde songs end and nargis sing a song -- "TUM KO PALIYA" that only ranbir feels on stage while when he end the songs of nadaan parinde... after song fin the another song Is by ranbir -- "TUM HO PASS MERE" that describe tht nargis is died and ranbir cry for tht and just goes flashback seen where and when nargis got pregnant after the present scenes some thoughts and ranbir speak "sahi aur galat se door ek maidan hai, main wahan milunga tujhe" so after long time ranbir feels lonely and in pain as v can imagine tht ranbir will die and they v will meet again in heavens...

  38. They show Heer breathing when the "Khayo Nato Naina More" part comes in Nadaan Parinde. It really isn't conclusive, but the last part of the song where Jordan sees Heer on the stage maybe showing that he felt her presence, and the fact that she still lives. But probably she wouldn't have got well anyway, so it will remain like that, Jordan will continue burning, and Heer will die after some time. What is astounding is that an Indian movie has truly portrayed the life of a Rockstar! Salute to the movie!

  39. Oh ! Good review , feedbacks , thought provoking , movie stunned me , stirred my soul.
    I write only about those movies which i like.Like recently HKA & this one now.

  40. the ending of the movie was shot earlier with ranbir dying at the end. But later imtiaz decided to cancel the ending as it was not apt. The whole movie ending was reshot!
    Source- UTV stars

  41. well i feel the ending is perfect as it underlines the soul of the has no boundaries...whether they are together or not love is there ..beyond human doesnt need heer or jordan is above them...the second line of the song "tum ho"... "jitna mehsoos karoon tumko utna hee paa bhee loon" tells us that it is nothing but ehsaas...

  42. nice interpretations guys but my confusion increased even more..

  43. Aamir: Hmm ... I think we are missing the end and movie didn't end here, which shows that maybe part two of Rockstar may come in future.

  44. It feels very good to discuss the ending. I think nargis died and ranbeer heart broke. As you guys remember RaNBEER said " mera dil nahi tootna chahiye" to his manager. Rockstar bannany kay liye dil to tootna zurrori hai.
    LOVED the movie

  45. Aamir: Few of my point of view (I maybe wrong):
    1. They didn't show her dying, but she did die but in 'Rockstar 2'.
    2. I think the child was born, everyone ignored that she was pregnant.
    3. The reason I said part two of the movie is because in the end Ranbeer looked much older and this part didn't fit the movie ... any-be tbis small clip was from 'Rockstar 2', just like 'The Bourne' movies.

  46. Heer gets pregnent duing ranvir visit at parague.
    at that time it tells that her medical report are all normal but was seeing a psychiatrist.

    at last heer dies and ranvir heart is ultimately broken and becomes a big star.(as suggested by his friend in order to become a big star).

  47. in 'nadaan parindey' song there is a line which makes ending very clear..."kaga re kaga re to se itni araj ke chun chun khaiyo maas, khaiyo na do naina mohe piya ke milan ki aas"...ranbir requesting crows not to eat his eyes when he dies cause he hopes that she will return someday and he will see her.

  48. Hello i'm from mauritius and im truly spellbound by your article. Lemme now expose my point of view:

    The ending is about ranbir going out to the concert and singing nadaan parindey. but well before that, he gets messed up with some guys and with some quick flash backs you can notice the madness by tangling with these guys. all happened way after the pre-climax, that is Nargis in coma and ranbir surrendering to the police. He just accepts the reality that he will not be united with nargis physically and all he has is nargis. so he just exposed his feelings and his inner self in that particular song 'nadaan parindey'.. take this lil' part as example:

    kaaga re kaaga re mori itni araj tujhse chun chun khaiyo maans
    khaiyo na tu naina more, khaiyo na tu naina mohe piya ke milan ki aas..

    O crow, I have so much of request to you, eat (my body's) flesh,
    but do not eat my eyes, don't eat my eyes as I have a wish to see my lover.. thats my point of view..

    ranbir was fantabulously fantastic in this movie.. nobody could do it except him. Rockstar was meant for him..

  49. It's pretty clear that both Ranbir and Nargis have died and are getting together in another world.

  50. akiavelic: Truly, I didn't expect such a wonderful performance from Ranbir!

  51. i was fed up of all these crappy Bollywood movies lately and to tell you the truth i was not counting on this movie also but OMG this movie is one of the best movies i've seen so far.. i can't stop thinking about it. i feel like i am in love with this movie. definitely worth watching again and again and again................

  52. I was moved by this movie and the way it has been made is so touching..hats off to Imtiaz ali and ranbir kaporr for a phenomenal show

  53. when the movie ended i hated it..! i sent everybody text messages so as to never watch that movie..and that it was real bad! as more and more time passed i could not stop thinking about the possesed me and i think its still that way...i still have this weird and eerie feeling whenevr i listen to 'tum ho' and 'naadan parindey' basically HAUNTED me! its said in the movie 'TO KNOW LOVE, YOU MUST ALSO KNOW PAIN'infact love in itself is an incomplete feeling without pain! in th end.... your heart feels jordan's anger, his frustration, his love and above all HIS PAIN!....we have been taught since childhood that pain is a bad emotion and that it should be eradicated..that way you are happy...and all we want is to be happy dont we? atleast that is what happened with soon as jordan's pain beacame mine...i rejected it outrightly..( i think thats the case with many other people too).! but slowly, after days or rather after weeks i understood i loved the movie more than anything else....pain is as much a part of who we are as love discard or fear pain, is like discarding a part of yourself! rockstar really touches those chords of your heart, that you dont want disturbs u! it makes you think of human emotions in terms of a whole new way! the movie is HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL! yes thats the word...HAUNTINGLY BEAUTFUL! :)

  54. ^^ insightful. would have been great if you could have left your email ID or URL!

  55. I think movie tells us about the relation of two humans, something beyond love, which society dosen't accept, because most of us don't reach to that point. the movie tells about life of two such people, also fame,power,money is unable to help them. one is near death senseless, while other one suffers living death. FOREVER.....

  56. To all the people reading this,

    Amidst all the movie reviews and music reviews,this post has went almost unnoticed. Do check out the post and songs like 12 Saal and won't regret it :)

  57. This movie to me comes as "Paradise Lost" reference to Milton's classic...I would absolutely love to see if this lost soul (Jordan..) is able to redeem himself at some part of his life..."Paradise Regained" a sequel...

  58. I still can't figure out who were the guys beating Jordan in the starting of the movie & in Nadaan Parindey (Flashback)..
    Were they policemen, or some guards sent by Dhingra to make him 'pay', or some random folks with whom Jordan messes up, coz in start when they were beating Jordan, they seem to steal his jewellery & all from him.
    In nadaan parindey, you could see one frame where Jordan seems to poke them & just messing himself with all these guys..
    Pls shed some light on this..

  59. You my friend just read between the lines and said the unsaid. Only an audience like you deserve to watch a movie like this. Some say this movie was over done and shallow and absurd, rather it's way too poetic and deep.

  60. I loved this movie so much that i forgot that am having exam d very next ðäý......:)
    but ol i like d most is the end lines which were really nice and soul breathing......:)

  61. No pain no gain! Jordan NEEDS to be in pain so that he can perform. He messes up with everyone irrespective of reasons whatsoever . Pain is his oxygen. What he was up to with those guys in the beginning, and in the end before the concert? My feeling is that, he was arranging for his dose of oxygen so that he could perform. It's shown towards the end that they were playing cards and he messes up with them. Anyways... Thanks Himanshu for a wonderful article. I loved the movie more after reading this blog and the discussions. Thanks once again.

  62. Very well written. Movie is beautiful. Going on the public opinion i never thought of watching it, but when I saw it, i kept on watching it again and again. Simply great movie indeed.

  63. Great post . Loved the movie to the core , the best of Imtiaz Ali and certainly 2011's best .
    I think its the perfect ending to such an eternal love story , with Heer dying in the coma and Jordan left burning throughout his life . And their two souls getting together in the Meeting Place .
    The thing about Imtiaz Ali's movies is they grow on you after each viewing and his movies are getting better and better with the time .
    Socha Na Tha - Good , Jab We Met - Awesome , Love Aaj Kal - Brilliant , and Rockstar - Epic .
    No other director understands love as beautifully and poetically as Ali does , Hats Off to the Man! :)

    Rahman , Ranbir , Imtiaz , Irshad , Mohit - Thanks for this soulful creation , thanks for Rockstar!

    PS - Being a Bollywood lover , liked your blog a lot and will try to be regular here from now .

  64. the song naadan parindey in my opinion is not just about jordan wanting nargis to come back but also everyone else wanting jordan to come back when it shows the two people looking at his poster it showes in their face that they want jordan to be like himself before being filled with rage.

  65. great analysis from everyone regarding whether ranbir died at the end or not to meet his eternal love in heaven. I have one point which differ with the opinion of all people written above, as per me heer never gets pregnant and the cause of her getting into coma is only because ranbir is not beside her and the illness has taken its toll on her. Even in the scene under the bedsheet, the director never shows that they both made love and leaves it to viewers to speculate what happened. Even heer's mom, sister and doctor are not sure whether she is pregnant and there is no scene in the film which confirms heer is in coma only bcoz of pregnancy..

    My opinion is that director wants to say Heer might have died earlier if jordan had not come to her again which inspired her to live again and in the process she gets better but even the doctor says that she is only looking better outside and her illness has not been cured and will surely die but may take some more time.. so even heer is not pregnant she would have gone to coma with her illness alone (not by making love) and jordan feels very bad bcoz he feels he should not have let her go from his sight as when he is around heer is fine with her health and could nt digest the fact that she went into coma eventually dying..

    this is my opinion and would be glad to see how u guys respond to it..

    1. Hi Rooney,

      Heer is pregnant for sure, otherwise she was recovering very fast and she was looking pleasant and was recovering from illness too! (Miracle, as they say in Bollywood movies). But then she gets down to coma suddenly, and that indicates that something is wrong with her, she can't go to coma just like that, sooner we realize that she is pregnant.

      Thanks for commenting, I am a fan of Karthi BTW (Though am not a south Indian :) )

  66. All over movie is very good... and Reman's music is rock... it's really good movie. and i seen 2 times in Theater...

  67. As earlier said by smome i also think tht at the end jordan died with his burning guitar in tub jst like jim morrison died in tub whether he comitted suicide or drug overdose those frames of him in tub indicates about jim morrison only otherwise there is no need to show him sitting in a tub in the movie
    btw heer is sure for pregnent imtiaz cannot show how they made love :p
    and at last no one notised what mandy saidto jardan whn he was leaving from hospital in anger ..... she said tht u r only disease of her and u can never live in peace u will be burning throughout ur life and will feel guilty
    but in reality heer died becuz of herself only cuz she wanted to get pregnent and had bedsheet over jj and made love
    At last i must say music of this movie is rocking big thanx to mohit for this awesome music and acting of ranbor and his rocking style is awesome
    this movie related with story of jim morrison again and again showing jj love towards his music , showing middle (fu**) finger in front of court to all news reporters and crowd amd at last showing him self in tub with burning guitar showed he has finished and nothing left in life and his music made him towards death
    Lol i read all comments before mine at night around 1:30 am i felt like lil haunted ;) :P

  68. Jst couldnt understand why he said in middle of saada uaq he is searching for some birds ?? And after tht music really became rocking tht song
    And at last whn he was singing naadan parindey a girl was looking at her poster whm does tht suggest ??

    1. Ranbir remains annoyed due to people and media all around him...moreover, he has even lost touch with Heer at that time..he wants his life to be lived the way he loves..thats why he sings sadda haq which in a way, means that freedom is his right, and he deserves it..

      By those lines in which he mentions about "parindon ka jhoond" , I think he is looking for his lost happiness; here those happy birds signify his state of happiness, which is now missing.

  69. Oh y we need aproval of comments after posting ?? I hate dis and never put this on my blogs :(

    1. Hey Vishal,

      sorry for late approval. My sincere apologies. Recently, the standard of commenting has been raised a bit, but without moderation, there is always risk of getting spoilers in movie reviews. hope you don't mind :)

  70. watch after every 2 days .... awesome movie

  71. truly a masterpiece kudos to imtiaz

  72. Thank you for providing the best information for all of us. You can visit my blog for movie review by all the bollywood critics and Very nice blog.

  73. oh my god!!!what a nice music!!!!i like it!


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