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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bol Movie Review (BD)

Rating:* * * *1/2

Movie Information: IMDB Link

Cast: Humaima Malik, Atif Aslam, Mahira Khan, Manzar Sehbai, Iman Ali, Shafqat Cheema

Direction: Shoaib Mansoor
Genre: Drama

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Movie Overview:

Bol is the second venture of a genius director Shoaib Mansoor (PP,SI, from Pakistan) after Khuda Kay Liye. The movie established a new box office record in Pakistan; but it would not get its audience in India or UK because of its conflict with the Salman Khan starrer Bodyguard.

I saw the movie in a multiplex where hardly ten people attended the screening of Bol in the first week of release itself.

Talking about the movie, the movie deals with an ordinary Pakistani family, where there are seven daughters (I was amused to see only five of them on screen) in a household and only one man, the male parent to earn. The movie has a very heartwarming story with the burning issues like gender discrimination, staunch religious beliefs, child abuse and above all, the political backdrops of the Pakistan.

The director focuses on all the burning issues very well within a span of almost three hours. The message of the movie is very clear; There exists two nations in Pakistan – the orthodox nation (where a daughter’s marriage are fixed with a man almost double than her age only because he belongs to the same sub-caste) and the modern nation (where the same daughter secretly marries to her lover). And with so many sub-plots and a strong story, I was amused to see a picture perfect screenplay (we see the father’s marriage with a prostitute and the daughter’s marriage with her lover in the same frame).

Khuda Kay Liye was a brilliant attempt, but Bol is a picture-perfect drama.


Quick Review:


The central characters of the movie played by Manzar Shehbai (the father) and Humaima Malik (the daughter) are the whole and soul of the movie. Both the performances are flawless. Atif Aslam (though criticized by many) plays his part very well.

Story And Screenplay:

Story and screenplay is the major asset of the movie. The first half is very tight and intriguing, where as the second half could have been better in terms of screenplay. I never go in detailed analysis of script for which one can refer its synopsis at Wikipage or IMDB.

Editing And Cinematography:

Editing, as I said earlier could have been better in second half. The movie could have been reduced by 10 minutes. Cinematography was top class. The locales of Lahore are very well captured and the camera angles are brilliant.

Music And Background Score:
In a Shoaib Mansoor movie, music plays the key role and background score is minimal; same is the case with this movie. The songs “Dil Pareshan Hai” , “Dil Jaaniya” and “Hona Tha Pyar” are hummable where as “Aaj Bol Do” and “Mumkin Hai” sound good.

I am Speechless!

Final Verdict:
Watch a revolution on the screen in form of a kitchen – sink drama this summer folks! I rate it a deserved four and a half out of five.

Rating:* * * *1/2


  1. I found the article on the official imdb reviewer's list!! way 2 go Bollywood Dil Se, simply brilliant!

  2. good take. I found only one loop hole, the story not only resemble to Pakistan, but also to India.

    Being an Indian, I could relate the story with the story of some random Rajasthani or Bihari family tribes trying hard to earn a living.

    Anyway, a nice take.

  3. ^^ Agree with you..but in order to give it a global appeal, I chose not to express my personal views and stick with the director's point of view.


  4. Itni brilliant movie ke Itna ghatiya review nahi pada hai maine!!


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