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Friday, May 13, 2011

Stanley Ka Dabba Movie Review (BD)

Bollywood Dil Se Movie Review:Stanley Ka Dabba


Movie Information :IMDB Link

Cast: Partho,Amole Gupte,Divya Datta

Direction: Amole Gupte

Genre: Humor,Drama

Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes

Movie Overview :

The movie first of all, has very limited shows in the multiplexes,round about two or three. And I feel they will reduce more after the Monday.But I hope the film picks up lately(chances are less because commercially more appealing Ragini MMS will definitely click) like Udaan.

The film as its subtitle says is a small film with a big heart.It is the true family entertainer. A kind of film that school kids should see to find themselves on the screen and grown ups should see for nostalgic feeling of school days.

The film, according to me is a gem because it doesnt try to be extra - ordinary or path breaking. The film remains simple, realistic and naive. The film is just like a new born baby.No lime lights or publicity stunts were done to promote the film and thats why I love it even more.

The director "Amole Gupte" (deserves the respect I have for him) has his own good story to tell which is funny (or witty) but really impulses you in the end when a simple message is conveyed in the most beautiful way!

I am glad that the movie is not Taare Zameen Par kind of film.Here is no dirty game of snatching credits and above all, no stars try to super-impose over each other ( yes main stream actors like Amole Gupte and Divya Datta are present).

The film will be cherished in my mind for a long time, Thanks Stanley!

Quick Review:

Beautiful is the word to describe the performances.The kiddo is already a star.Amole Gupte has proved it once again that he is in the same league of Naseeruddin Shah or Irfan Khan, and he has his own place in the heart of Bollywood.

Story And Screenplay:
Story is simple yet touchy.Looks as if all the emotions of a school kid are potrayed beautifully on a celluloid.Screenplay is strong and never distracts us from the main track despite of many strong sub plots.

Editing And Cinematography:
Editing is mind blowing and cinematography (due to the fact that major portion of the movie is shot in a school) is good.

Music And Background Score:
Music is very good and suits the movie. Background score thumps the movie and helps in making it a heartthrob movie.

Amole Gupte is brilliant and visionary once again after Taare Zameen Par ( I don't mind in calling him a director for TZP).Kudos to you sir!

The film deserves a 5* but it would be a quite heavy tag to carry for a simple and innocent movie.A gracious 4.5* will be suitable.But above all, this film should not be missed at any condition!


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