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Friday, May 13, 2011

Ragini MMS Critics Movie Review (BD)

Here are the other famous critics' review for the film:Ragini MMS

  • Reviewer:Rajeev Masand
  • Site:IBN Live
  • Movie Rating:**1/2
  • One Line Verdict:It's nothing you haven't seen before, but it keeps you engaged for most of its 100-minute running time.        
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  • Reviewer:Nikhat Kazmi
  • Site:Times Of India
  • Movie Rating:***1/2
  • One Line Verdict:Watch it for its novelty and for the fact that Ragini MMS makes a heady cocktail of sex and horror that's so very different from run-of-the-mill Bollywood.
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  • Reviewer:Taran Adarsh
  • Site:Bollywood Hungama
  • Movie Rating:****
  • One Line Verdict:Ragini MMS is terrifying enough to make you jump on your seat. Let me call it a creepy, spine-chilling date movie! On the whole, RAGINI MMS amalgamates components of horror, paranormal and sex seamlessly.          
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  • Reviewer:Komal Nahata
  • Site:KoiMoi
  • Movie Rating:***
  • One Line Verdict:Ragini MMS will entice and excite the youth for its fine blend of sex and horror.
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1 comment:

  1. an ill made attempt at making a horror porn movie. Unfortunately the maker ends up making neither of the two... Looks like a dirty blend of LSD+Blairwitch project+ Paranormal Activity+ 127 hours in between.....all in all it is absolute crap...dont waste your time (although 1.5 hours is very short) and money watching it in a theatre... Only takeway..Kainaz looks awesome although she could have done better with some more clothes on.


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