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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Luv Ka The End Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review :Luv Ka The End

Luv Ka The End
Music Director:Ram Sampath
Lyrics:Amitabh Bhattacharya
BD Music Rating:***1/2

F.U.N. Fun Funaa

Singer: Ali Zafar
Ram Sampath is a very talented music director for me.He is always fresh and never hesitating to venture new genres. His association with MTV and Bumpy, is I think is the prime reason for his appointment with this project.All his flicks Khakee, Family, Jumbo And Aagey Se Right were average but all of them had atleast one out of the box song.

This song is sadly not the one.This is a feel good Rock song we come across now and then. A mediocre effort!
Freak Out

Singer:Joi Barua, Aditi Singh Sharma
Though the song sounds to be extended version of FUN Fun Fanna, the elemental difference is lyrics.Lyrics are perfect. Very very suitable for Teens or Young age. A song which is though avoidable, graces the album.
Luv Ka The End

Singer: Aditi Singh Sharma
The front liner of the album. The song is a full on Rock song with rocking singer of Dev D fame Aditi Singh Sharma. Though its another Rock song, it surprisingly sounds different. The song is a very well conceived piece by the music director and lyricist.
The Mutton Song
Singer: Krishna
Very Very fresh song.The song deserves full score for its unique genre, singing, lyrics and most especially the unique name. Lyrics are witty, music is peppy, and singing is bang on! Ram Sampath creates a good will for his next one - Delhi Belli!

Heppy Budday Beybee
Singer:Jimmy Moses
A short piece offered as a bonus song by Jimmy Moses (Jhonny Lever's mimic).Cool!

Singer: Suman Sridhar
A fairy tale song.This song is soothing thanks to great singing and music production.The tune is even more mesmerizing.The song gives us a very pleasant end to the album.And we hope even better next time from this talented music director.
The album has its own feel and theme. The album will mainly influence the college going students or high school teens. The High School Musical kinda songs are so on into Bollywood now!Good one!


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