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Friday, May 13, 2011

Ragini MMS Movie Review (BD)

BD Movie Review :Ragini MMS

Movie Information :IMDB Link

Cast: Kainaz Motivala, Raj Kumar Yadav

Direction:Pawan Kripalani

Genre: Humour,Horror

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Movie Overview :

Its probably the first time in Indian cinema that the premier of a movie will be held after the official release of the movie. But unconventional and path breaking are the words to be associated with this film for each and every aspect.

To begin with, I am a little disappointed with Ragini MMS in terms of originality. The film has a little resemblance with paranormal activity (as it was seen in movie trailer).However makers have added the Desi spices to the movie by some Indianized dialogues (or say abuses) and strong story and sub-plots.

The genre of the movie is a winner itself.The combination of sex and horror (which was used indirectly in Bhatt's movies is the stream line here). Intentions of the film makers are very clear here.Just two elements horror and sex, no melodrama or Bollywood masala.

There are some top notch performances from the lead.Brilliant camera work and thrilling background score works as a prime factor in the movie.

Above all, you never feel boring,nor any horror sequences makes you laugh (which is a problem in Bollywood horror films).The film has progresses with its own unique screenplay.

In short, the film could have been appreciatively titled "Horror, Sex Aur Dhokha" 

Quick Review:

Real performances by Kainaz and Rajpal Yadav. Rajpal is very influential on screen.He is gracious and funny.In the frightening scenes, his screen presence and comic timing is a bang on!Kainaz has improved a lot after her bubbly Wake Up Sid.Explicit scenes are done comfortably by the lead and their chemistry is extra ordinary.

Story And Screenplay:
Story is straight without any twists and turns.Screenplay is tight and tangling.Dialouges are surprisingly fresh,witty and sultry.The dialogues (and slang) gives a good flavor to the horror movie.

Editing And Cinematography:
Editing is good.Cinematography is absolutely mind blowing. Camera work deserves appreciation. The film is shot in LSD style with mobile cam and CCTV kind of angles. But as said earlier everything associated with the movie is unconventional.

Music And Background Score:
Music is okay as there is no scope for it but background score is exceptional! Title song as said earlier deserves to be a X rated song due to mild abusive.Background score is a mile stone for horror movies considering the fact that high pitched digital sound and scorching guitars are used for score in an Indian horror movie.

Direction is very good.The song-less movie does the trick for him.This director is a man to watch out.

Minus some originality and faulty editing, the movie is the scariest date movie of India till date.


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