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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shor In The City Music Review (BD)

Shor In The City
Music Director:Sachin Jigar, Harpeet
Rating:*** 1/2

Singer: Tochi Raina,Shreya Ghoshal
Sachin - Jigar uses the trump card of Amit Trivedi this time.This song is the best of the album. Sachin - Jeegar after successful musical F.A.L.T.U. has a good start here.Tochi Raina sounds mesmerising.He is in top notch here.Simply Splendid!I feel due to the pitch bend used here, Tochi sounds like Himesh Reshammiya and that's a complement for sure.
Singer: Suraj Jagan, Priya Panchal, Swati Mukund
Okay. Now heres the problem. A hard rock song. The problem lies in its lyrics and tone. It is a good treat for sure but sounds much like Amit Trivedi's art work.Looks like Duo is seriously inspired by AT.

Such a great singer.Few people know that he is the lead of indian rock band "Agnee". He has a great future in Bollywood. His all songs are hit! Take it Khanabadosh (London Dreams) Or Naav (Udaan). But sad a dark soft rock is a total duh! Again Mohan sang previously for AT. And now i am furious.

Dheem Dheem
Singers:Shriram Iyer
The last original for the album.Sadly only four original tracks are included in soundtrack.The track is again a rock but with essence of Indian flavor.Feels good to ears.
Rests are the remixed versions of songs from Kailash Kher And Roop Kumar Rathod. Say it Reprise!
So its a mixed bag for Sachin - Jigar after fantastic F.A.L.T.U. The lead reason being huge inspiration from Amit Trivedi, The album doesn't sound Fresh, exclude Saibo here. That's a masterpiece for sure.

Rating: ***1/2

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