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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ragini MMS Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review :Ragini MMS


Ragini MMS
Music Director:Shamir Tondon
BD Music Rating:**1/2

Itne Kareeb Aao
A jazz feel to the album. Nothing more or innovative at music section. But the singer feels the song completely and that makes the song a worth to listen.

Singer:Faizan Hussain & Agnel Roman
Probably the best of the album is here! I seriously miss here the Kailash Kher - Sneha Khanwalkar combination. The song is very rich in terms of sound design and mixing. But the song lacks good lyrics and singing.Rap portion does covers a bit but overall the savior here is guitars. Crazy crazy guitars!! 

And another track is Raat Akeli Hai from Jewel Thief, for which I neither have the right nor have the gutts to review such brilliant classic.

Basically Ragini MMS has not bothered for the music section.But I feel Sneha Khanwalkar who did wonders with OLLO and LSD should have been roped here.She fused the music in the films like LSD where music section was never needed. And yet she did it beautifully.


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