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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Haunted 3 D Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review : Haunted 3 D

Haunted 3 D
Music Director:Chitranjan Bhatt
Lyrics:Junaid Wasi, Shakeel Azmi
BD Music Rating:***1/2

Tum Ho Mera Pyar
Singer: K.K.
I frankly find this song overrated. Song is no doubt soft romantic number easy on ears but it should not be promoted as the front liner of the movie. K.K. is good. Music of the song is bad.Due to ordinary music the song could have fitted in any Bhatts' movies like Raaz, Raaz 2 or Zehar.One can imagine Emraan Hashmi singing the love song while hearing this one.Lyrics by Shakeel Azmi for just this song. And it seems there was no need of guest lyricist if you have an efficient man Junaid Wasi on the job.

Singer:Siddharth Barur
Siddharth Barur is another new name in Bollywood. The piano in the start misleads the song to be a trademark Bhatt film song. But as soon as the singer starts his job all apprehension fades away. The key point of the album i find is its commercial appeal. Lyrics are simple and hummable and the catch applies not just for this song but for the whole album.Smart strategy by Bhatts.Music is good sans innovations.

Tera Hi Bas Hona Chahoon
Singer:Jojo, Najam Sharaz
Lyrics ! Lyrics! Lyrics are the best part for this song."khuda ko dikh raha hoga,naa dil tujhse juda hoga,teri taqdeer main mujhko, woh ab to likh raha hoga." This is something which makes an otherwise ordinary song on music a loveable and hummable song. The new pakistani talent launched by bhatt camp via this plateform is Najam Sharaz. Its like an extended version of Prittam songs but anyhow one would loop the song again and again.

Mujhe De De Har Gum Tera
Singers:Siddharth Barur
Siddharth Barur yet again.The song looks like a mixture of Tera Hi hona Chahoon And Jaaniya.Nevertheless an average song.The singer sounds weird when he pronounces word "tu"(You).
You Are So Beautiful
Singers:Nikhil DSouza
The song sweetly stings right form the beginning.Scorching acoustics sounds vintage.And here is the brilliant vocalist Nikhil D'Souza.He is back again  in top notch after Main Jiyunga of Break Ke Baad. His voice sounds so familiar yet so distinguished.I am deeply in love with the song.And the brilliant track simply kills you with dagger of love when it reaches around 3:39.The moment when singer sings "Jeena mushkil ho jaata hai.." and a lover might skip a heart beat or two!

Sau Baras
Singers:Tia Bajpai
Sau Baras is the last one by the lead lady of the movie "Tia Bajpayi" (I know her real name is Twinkle as she was a participant in Sa Re Ga Ma). I never thought she could be so brilliant in singing. She literally feels the song and makes you do the same. The situational song has the lyrics of a horror movie. Music is even soothing. A good end to the album.

I am glad that there are no remixes to kill the ambiance created by the music. Though no song except You Are So Beautiful is outstanding, none of them is bad either.But due to lack in the uniqueness at the music department, i am going with a three and a half out of five.

P.S.: I was seriously disappointed with the cinematography of songs. Just saw video of Jaaniya and it completely misfits the song.Sigh!

Rating: ***1/2


  1. Fed up with munni and sheila type of c grade item song. This album seems to have some hope for music lovers.

  2. Shubendu:

    completely agree with you.

    recent albums I AM and Haunted are fresh and funky!


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