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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I AM Music Review (BD)

Bollywood Dil Se Music Review: I AM

Music Director:Amit Trivedi, Rajiv Bhalla, Vivek Phillip
Lyrics:Amitabh Varma ,Amitabh Bhattacharya
BD Music Rating:***

Singer: Mame Khan,Kavita Sheth
To begin with, I was chuffed to see Mame Khan on the artist name.He was outstanding in Aitbaar from No One Killed Jessica.The song is definitely low on standards than the previous one but a descent attempt for sure.Guitars give the song a Jazz feel.And Harmonium gives it a groovy Indian feel.Lyrics are suitable for folk songs.A folk version of this song would have been much better than the rock one.In the end, I still look forward to Mame Khan.
Issi Baat Pe
Singer:Krishnakumar Kunnath
The next is  the song by K.K.The composition is by Amit Trivedi. The genre of the song is basically a rock. Amit Trivedi has proved his versatility in Aisha And Ameer but somehow he prefers more of rock and its something that hinders me.The song has the best lyrics of the album"bojh banke rahe kyon subah issi raat pe, aa badal daale rasmein sabhi issi baat pe".And Sitars could not have been better.It sounds a little like Geet Main Dhalte Lafzon Main from Udaan.Nevertheless, a soulful song.

Bhojhal Se
Singer:Krishnakumar Kunnath
Bhojal Se is a sad semi - rock sung by K.K. The tune is simple yet mesmerizing.Composition is by Rajiv Bhalla.The Various Indian sounds like flute keeps you engaged throughout the song. The song gets intoxicating as soon as the interlude of the song begins. Lyrics, now sounds too touchy and deep. Very impressive track.The tune reminds you the famous style of Ismail Darbar.A well composed piece overall!

The song is again a soft rock / fusion.Composer for the song is Vivek Phillip,Onir's discovery.Karthik proves the reason for his super success in south Indian cinema as a vocalist.He is exceptional here.
One will simply feel the song and enjoy it too.
Saye Saye
Singers:Rekha Bhardwaj, Mohan
This song contains very efficient singers Rekha and Mohan.And they do a commendable job. But song is not catchy at first listen. One might love it for musical variance but the song is definitely not hummable.Another problem with the song is it sounds like Aankh Micholi of Dev D.And so an easy task to guess,its Amit Trivedi on music dept.Lyrics makes the song even more intense.So the song is situational to the movie and I doubt its commercial success (which somehow goes with the most of the tracks of the album).

Wundoo Yeredoo
Singers:Rajiiv Bhalla
The song is composed by Rajiv Bhalla.The title means one two in Telugu.The song consists of Hindi/English/Punjabi/Telugu words and yet you feel that lyrics are lame courtesy bad tune.Interlude of the song is the best part of the track and makes it a foot tapping song.But song falls badly on sound designs.Beats seem like a remix by an amateur DJ.The female singer, has done a superior job than Rajiv Bhalla but she is not credited for the song.Sigh!You might hear the song accidentally on radio channel or car stereos.

To sum up, we have three more remixes.So overall the music of I AM is new and unconventional. The music is worth a buy but at the same time an avoidable catch for those who love typical bollywood tracks.

Rating: ***

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