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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shaitan Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review :Shaitan


Music Director:Prashant Pillai, Amar Mohile, Ranjit Barot, Anupam Roy
Lyrics:Sanjeev Sharma
BD Music Rating:****


The very short instrumental is placed to introduce you to the new age sounds of this new age album.Thoguh the instrumental is too short,seems apt for the intro music.
Bali (The Sound Of Shaitan)
Singer: Farhad Bhiwandiwala, K.S. Krishnan, Preeti Pillai, Hitesh Modak, Kalloist
To review the song, few lines are not enough. Read the complete review of the song (here).
Singer: Prashant Pillai, Bindu Nambiar
After divine Bali, comes the absolute rahmanic- Nasha! Prashant's vocals are just outstanding. Same goes for Bindu Nambiar (Readers are welcomed to point out a relation between Bijoy and Bindu Nambiar, I am ignorant). Lyrics are apt for the songs. Music arrangement and production is so so rich.The song deserves accolades.Punjabi touch in the end is very innovative.
Singer:Colin Terence, Abhishek, Shradha
An Amar Mohile track. Amar Mohile (the ace background scorer and good music composer) teams up with Rock On With MTV show ft Colin Terence for a Hinglish Rap. The rap song with techno beats and dhol (towards the end) has some Jazzy saxophones making it a heady cocktail of Eastern - Western influences. Well done!

Singer:Suraj Jagan

The typical rock song with dark lyrics and rocking vocals by Suraj Jagan. The music by Prashant Pillai is ordinary (for this song only) but the lyrics are definitely commendable. Sanjeev Sharma seems well versed in Urdu.Overall an average song.

Hawa Hawai
Singer:Suman Sridhar
(Most reviews left this song unreviewed) The song is re - creation of Hawa Hawai by Laxmikant - Pyarelal. (PS this is reprise version not the remixed one). Glad to see the original credits on album cover(both Javed Akhtar and Laxmikant-Pyarelal are credited). The singing by Suman Sridhar is good. Her last attempt Tonight from Luv ka the end was slightly better. Anyways a good song.

O Yaara
Singer:Kirti Sagatia, Preeti Pillai

Yet another less explored genre, Sufi Rock. The song opens with beautiful blend of Sufi vocals and killer guitars.But the song soon gets slightly boring due to confused and continuous transition of the song from rock to Sufi genre. I feel the soul of a Sufi Rock is missing here.The song slowly catches you, but strictly fails to sting you on the first go.

Singer:Chandan Shive

First one from Ranjit Barot for Shaitan. The song goes the typical folk way till 1:07 but soon the techno portion begins. And this portion is well produced and mixed with folk portion.Special credit to the guitarist, the song seems to be made for the background score of the movie.

Singer:Ranjeet Barot

The next one from the man himself, Ranjit Barot.The song is good mainly due to the soulful lyrics and good singing.Music is a bit misfit.But the lyricist again makes Urdu- Hindi his fortage and saves this otherwise mediocre song.

Amy's Theme

Like the previous one, this instrumental is a sheer explodinasa of soul. The instrumental is soulful and soulful and soulful...the chorus makes it even more soulful!I love this one.

Nasha(Rock and Soul Version)
Singer:Ranjit Barot, Farhad Bhiwandiwala, Bindu Nambiar

The special mention of the song because of its variety from the original version.This one is as cool as the previous one, and is sung by Ranjit Barot who appears to be a composer for the movie too!

This proves the rare observed comfort level between two music producers working on the same movie. Both musical men, complement each other rather than competing to each other.Bless!

Retro Pop Shit

Now another composer is introduced here. Anupam Roy for only one track. But the track seems quintessential. This one is a pure pop! Unlike those indi-pops served to us in the name of pop.The good fusion of trance with the pop around 2:12 makes it a perfect Retro Shit!Excellent job!

Singer: Bhayanak Maut

Most reviewers have declared this as an instrumental by Prashant Pillai. Sigh! The song is (first ever death metal featured in an Indian movie) composed by Pune based Metal band Bhayanak Maut. The song will definitely take the movie to the new heights. Too unreal to believe that the director has guts to introduce Death Metal to the music industry.Lyrics by the same band is like all other metal songs - Inaudible.


A brilliant outro to the brilliant music album. The instrumental seems to be an official soundtrack of Need For Speed Game or GTA Vice city. Kudos.

Here are few final words to describe the album.


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