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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Murder 2 Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review :Murder 2

Murder 2
Music Director:Harshit Saxena,Mithoon,Sangeet Haldipur,Siddharth Haldipur
Lyrics:Sayeed Qadri
BD Music Rating:***

 Haal E Dil
Singer:Harshit Saxena

First of all I would like to appreciate the Bhatts for giving the youngsters the deserved platform in the music Industry. Harshit Saxena (from Amul Voice Of India) is the one this time. The debutant song from him is a lovely lovely musical gift to the listner.Lyrics are typical candy floss kinda romantic.Though a Prittam kinda song, he is no Prittam, listen to the beats and tune carefully,so original and so groovy.Welcome to the industry Harshit!
The Acoustic one is an average one compared to the original but yet a pleasure.
Aa Zara Karib Se
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan
Another debutant duo Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur.But sadly the song is not innovative. Its like Ismail Darbar tunes mixed with DJ Suketu beats.Sorry, But a long way to go.
Aye Khuda
Singer: Kshitij Tarey, Salim Bhat, Mithoon
As soon as the album was out, My friend messaged me, Mithoon is back and back with bang! And he is absolutely correct. Mithoon welcome back!!!! The song is a perfect ten on soul thanks to ace singing by Mithoon,Saim and Kshitij. The song will be a huge hit as soon as the fever of Haal - E- Dil is reduced.Lyrics are surprisingly soulful and touchy!

Phir Mohabbat
Singer: Mohd Irfan, Arjit, Saim Bhat

Most soulful track of the album.Looks like an unplugged version, the song is one of my pick for the album. Waste of time to describe it, just listen it!

Tujhko Bhulana
Singer:Sangeet Haldipur, Roshni Baptist
Again the song is a miss.
So 5 original and 3 Remixes ends the album.The album as expected is good like all Emraan Hasmi movies. But due to Sangeet-Siddharth tracks and three remixes, I give it a gracious three out of five.


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