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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Soundtrack Music Review (BD)

BD Music Review :Soundtrack

Music Director: MIDIval Punditz, Karsh Kale
BD Music Rating:***1/2

Singer: Gaurav Raina, Karsh Kale

The opening track of the album “Soundtrack” is actually reused here. It was the first track of the album “Hello Hello” by Music Dir. Duo MIDIval Punditz. The name may be new to the layman, but these two youngsters from Delhi rock a big time with Papon (Anurag Manhanta, singer of Jiyein Kyun from Dum Maro Dum) and Karsh Kale. The opening track is a fusion of electronic and Dhol beats. But the lyrics in English don’t fit the bill. Still, a good one.

Banao Banao
Singer: Papon

This is one of my favorite tracks from Papon. The song is featured live on MIDIval Punditz concerts but this studio version is salient. The track is actually a dope song, which we can figure out from lyrics like Gaanja nahi dawa hai, Hawa hai, Gale ka manjan hai, aaknhon ka niranjan hai…

Ek Manzil
Singer:Vishal Vaid

Oh my god! This is what I was expecting! Unlike Atomizer, the song has got good lyrics (actually, brilliant lyrics), soul and Indian touch along with electronic beats. Singer Vishal Vaid is a man to watch out for sure. Now, this is another hotshot from duo. I feel this is the point from where the album gets uplifted. 

Check out its beautiful lyrics…

Main uska woh mera ho
Sehra ho ya dariya ho 

Yeh faasla afsaana
Fasaana hamara ho 

Chand aashik ho, ek paagal ho
Chand khanjar ho, ek kaatil ho
Chand toofan ho, ek sahil ho
Chand ghoongroo ho, ek payal ho
Chand gazlein ho, ek mehfil ho
Chand ehmak ho, ek aakal ho
Chand raahein, ek manzil
Ek manzil, ek manzil

Singer: Vishal Vaid

Now, the theme of the movie gets clear. The film is all about dope and love. This is another dope song after Banao. Lyrics like Jhoom Mastaana, Jhoolelal really makes it a good one. The beats sound more electronic than Ek Manzil (which sounds a bit of rock).

Main Chala
Singer: Kailash Kher

I have mixed feelings about this song. The lyrics are so beautiful, beats are outstanding too. But somehow, the song lacks soul. Music Director doesn’t mean what he is serving to us. Of course, Kailash Kher has done a good job, but due to monotonous music, the song gets boring after a couple of minutes.

Naina Lagey
Singer: Papon

The pride of Assam rocks again. Papon, you are great! The song which could have been a mediocre riff of trance and electronic gets a way too superior due to the vocals by Anurag Mahanta. I got observant on one more thing, the lyrics of the soundtrack are not actually lyrics, but they are just phrases rendered at times and looped throughout the song. Take it Banao, Ek Manzil or this one, lyrics are very small phrases

Symphony Of the Streets

Now this is what electronics is all about. Symphony Of The Streets; a brilliant innovation as a piece, but I wonder how the director will be using this track in the movie. It would be interesting to see the song on screen rather than hearing it.

Soundtrack Theme

The track is the instrumental of the best song of the album – Ek Manzil. Nothing much innovative here, but yet it is a pleasant audacity.

What the F!
Singer: Anushka Manchanda

Yes. This is the name of the track. The song has got good dose of lyrics this time, and music is Pop (I wish It could have been electronic); but the song has no soul. The song sounds like random English Pop number being played in clubs, whose lyrics have no message or no connection. The song sounds situational.

Well, the album has definitely a potential to turn tables. But what it lacks is soul. Moreover, random arrangement of the remixes hinders the progress of the soundtrack. I wonder why two remixes are featured. First of all, no remix can compete with the originals (recent exceptions: Hawa Hawai and Khoya Khoya Chand from Shaitan), and if you don’t arrange the order of the songs well, then you don’t create an overall effect of the album. The album has its own highs and lows, but still it’s a good thing to stumble upon.

Rating:* * * 1/2


  1. Papon's real name is Angaraag and not Anurag as You have mentioned a couple of times :)
    Thought it'd be a good idea to point it out. Good read BTW on the overall blog. Will come back for more :)

    Here's my blog.

  2. Oh..thanks for pointing check back soon..btw I read your Rockstar review, was nice read.


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