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Friday, April 6, 2012

Vicky Donor Music Review (BD)

Vicky Donor Music Review

   A Mixed Bag

Vicky Donor Music Review
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ½
Music Director: Abhishek - Akshay
Lyrics:Kusum Verma

Vicky Donor does not need an introduction now; the trailer has already received a tremendous response thanks to unusual theme and star cast. As far as music is concerned, I frankly don’t have much hopes from debutant music directors Abhishek-Akshay.

Singers: Akshay Verma and Aditi Singh Sharma

The opening track is peppy with simple lyrics and music arrangement. Akshay Verma, “Superchor” fame (from Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye!) is okay on vocals. Overall, the song lacks much needed vigor. A not so good start for an album, I must say.

Kho Jaane De
Singers: Clinton Cerejo & Aditi Singh Sharma

Clinton Cerejo and Aditi Singh Sharma beautifully croon Kho Jaane De. However, composition and music arrangements are yet again mediocre. Nevertheless, this one is a passable track.

Rum Whisky
Singer: Akshay Verma

The album by far has remained an average fare; but not anymore. “Oye Kithe Gai Sharaab Ki Gaddi” says singer and Bhangra beats take over addictively. “Rum Rum Rum Rum Rum O Whisky” sounds catchy and so does the composition. A quite surprising comeback by the debutant duo.

Paani Da Rang (Male)
Singer: Ayushmann Khurrana

Wow! Simply wow! Everything about this track is special. Unbelievably good composition, hummable lyrics and last but not the least, brilliant crooning by Ayushmann Khurrana; makes this one an outstanding number! Ayushmann Khurrana sounds polished and is a pleasant surprise. I would love to hear more from him! Full marks to music directors for making this a pop song ; composition seems to be a typical Qawali. This track is a perfect example of what I call a successful musical experiment. This song is going to stay in my playlist for a longer time.

Mar Jayian
Singers: Vishal Dadlani & Sunidhi Chauhan ; Bann

Mar Jayian has rich musical arrangement and nice lyrics but again composition is average, Vishal and Sunidhi fail this time to make this a romantic song. Vishal Dadlani for this romantic number is certainly not a good choice. Sad version by Bann (unconventional singing) is however, quite good. There was not any need to create a romantic version of this track.

Singer: Mika Singh

This uncanny titled song has equally uncanny lyrics and is genuinely witty. Indian instruments like Harmonium and Sarangi are well mixed with a pop beat. Mika does good job on vocals, song is energetic enough to tap your foot. It would be interesting to see where this situational number fits in the movie.

Paani Da Rang (Female)
Sukanya Purkayastha   

 Bliss again! I am glad that music composers chose to reprise a different version of the best song of this album rather than forcing a remix. Singer Sukanya Purkayastha (who recently rose to fame by singing Kuch To Hai Zaroor for Kuch To Log Kahenge , a daily soap) sounds just perfect for female version. Again, full marks to directors for making this reprised version a rock number!

My Picks: Paani Da Rang (Male and Female Versions), Rum Whisky, Chaddha

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ½

UPDATE: Readers, please authenticate this. In the making of Pani Da Rang, director and actress says that Ayushmann is the singer - composer and lyricist of the song. Slightly contradicting to this, Ayushmann says that a friend of him "Kabir" composed this song during their college time! Its for sure that Abhishek - Akshay are not composers of this song. Its either Ayushmann or his mate. What do you all say?


  1. whosoever did this, i dont is ssuuuuuuuupppppppeeeeeerrrrrrr cool!!!!!!

  2. Pani da rang! ❤

  3. Ayushmann was definitely a pleasant surprise. Thought Rum Whisky would be my fav but Pani Da Rang just changed that. Simply Brilliant!
    Kudos Ayushmann


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