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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Murder 2 Movie Review (BD)

Murder 2 Movie Review

Movie Information: IMDB Link

Cast:Emraan Hashmi ,Jacqueline Fernandez, Sudhanshu Pandey, Prashant Narayanan

Direction: Mohit Suri

Genre: Thriller,Action

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Movie Overview:

Murder 1 was inspired from "Unfaithful" and now this one, from "Chaser”, It’s awful to see Mahesh Bhatt replicating the English movies.

Now, talking about the movie, the makers have chosen a very smart way of banking the brand “Murder”. The sequel is not at all the sequel. Nothing apart from the makers are same in this movie. But in order to create some hype and sensation, screenplay and story are hampered and unnecessary sex scenes are muxed in an uncanny way.

Emraan Hashmi and Prashant Narayan (I loved him in Yeh Saali Zindagi) were just splendid! Jacqueline is supposed to be the eye candy and she does it well. She adds more spice than Mallika Sherawat.

Music is a plus point of the movie. Aye Khuda is shot in a brilliant way (Mohit Suri did the same thing in Awarapan). Haal – E – Dil sounds good too. Background score by Raju Singh is okay.

The fault with the movie is in its screenplay. Due to the urge to mix up erotica with thriller, Shagufta Rafique messes with the flow of the movie. Dialogues are crisp.

The actions and visuals were dark and intense, apt to the theme.

Overall, Mohit Suri had his heart and mind on the correct track while making the movie, but if the story and screenplay were better (or should I say logical); the movie would have worked wonders. A worth watch anyways.

Quick Review:

Emraan is shining and so is Prashant. Jacqueline is okay, her dialogue delivery has improved. Sudhanshu is good. Rest of the cast is okay.

Story And Screenplay:
Story is inspired from "Chaser" which in turn, was inspired from Korean movie. Screenplay as I said, has some loopholes. Dialogues are fun. Some scenes like one where Emraan and Prashant at chemist store etc. are well shot.

Editing And Cinematography:
Editing is good.First half is thrilling and engaging, but the second half turns out to be ordinary. The story gets predictable by the end.

Music And Background Score:
Music is good. Its review is already the most popular page on the blog. Background score by Raju Singh (I wonder why he has not given a single tune in the music section considering that his association with Bhatt's has proved to be a hit) is thrilling.

Mohit Suri does his job brilliantly. Anurag Basu refused to direct the movie after directing the first part, but Mohit has never let the Bhatts' down. The movie is as dark and raw, as it is supposed to be.

Overall, you are thrilled and glued to seats until you are in a cinema hall, but as soon as you leave the halls, you don't remember much except dialogues.I rate it a 3.5/5


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