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Thursday, March 3, 2011

F.A.L.T.U Music Review (BD)

Bollywood Dil Se Music Review:F.A.L.T.U

Music Director:Sachin - Jigar
BD Music Rating:****

Leja Tu Mujhe
Singer: Atif Aslam
The album starts with a semi rock song sungs by the hearth rob Atif Aslam.I personally evaluate his singing ability very low than his mesmerising voice.And thus the song is most over-rated song of the album.The lyricist sounds normal to his genre.Violins' sonority makes the melody an indianised one.

Char Baj Gayi
Singer:Hard Kaur
A Hard Core Gana by Hard Kaur!The song has topped the charts of PB music countdown already.The lyrics are funky and the lyricist seems to have transformed into his college days.The heavy bass-beats seems bombardment on the woofers.The rap is bang on."Alya Piva Do Ne Baapa Wtf...."

Rab Sab Se Sona
Singer: Neeraj Shridhar
Quite a Prittam kind of song with Prittams' kind of singer Neeraj Shreedhar.Not much to describe about.

Singer: Jigar
Lyrics are soulful.Singing is Bang on.Violin Tabla combination is lethal.Still song fails to attract ears.Don't know why,but feels like tune is not engaging enough.

Fully Faltu
Singers: Mika Singh
Oye its Mika again.After Jugni, Mika has done a different type of song.The extravagant party track.Lyrics are noteworthy too.High bass and low vocals touches the heart.Nothing innovative on music section though.

Gale Lag Ja
Singer: Vijay Prakash, Priya Pancha
Song is an outline of Le Ja Mujhe.Striving female vocals is main attraction of song.Efficient singer Vijay Prakash is wasted though.
Nayee Subah
Singer: Sachin - Jigar
Sachin - Jigar sings it this time after Maula in Tere Sang. Not a track one expecting here.After brilliant start, the gush seems slow.A track rather kept for BGM.Mouth organ is refreshing.

O Teri
Singer: Jigar,Sachin,Vijay
Again A BGM kind of song from duo.Guitar,Lyrics and composition all are stand alone this time.Great sitar-guitar combination.Bass guitar is also carillon.Constant comment on each line in song gives a great sense of humour.

Singer:Neuman Pinto
I personally like the singer who rocked it in Aamir, Dev D, Aisha. This time also the percentage truly stands out to be a front runner.Hard Rock with Indian tadka.Lyrics completely mesmerises you and in no time the song picks up at 2:00 and you seem to be lost in a new world.

Beh Chala
Singer:Neeraj Shridhar
Music Dir Duo needed some variation to prove their talent in different genres rather than rock and rap.The song did a charm.A rock and roll taps your feet.Now Neeraj suits better and well experimented.Lyrics and music both compliment each other.

Bhoot Aaya
Singer:Lember Hussainpuri
The best one is in the end.A Techno Rock!The soundtrack is similar to LSD title track.Sound design is exceptional.Lyrics couldn't have been better.Irshad Kamil really proved his talent as a versatile lyricist.Its second consecutive hit from Lember.I really look forward to this wonderful singer in future.And the Sense of humour is the icy spicy delight."Jab Main Chota Baccha Tha Tab Twinkle Twinkle Karta Tha Ab Jo Main Bada Ho Gya Bas Twinkle Twinkle Karta Hoon."

F.A.L.T.U. demanded a sense of re freshness and youthful melody.The Duo has totally succeeded in bringing it.Though one or two songs could have been easily excluded, I still feel the album is a must have for every car stereo and every radio.Though i rated it a 3.5 at first, i go it with a reluctant 4 for the variance in vocals, music and words.Well Done!

Rating:  ****


  1. lyrics are by sameer and priyaa panchaal < not irshad kaamil !!

  2. thanks for correcting me....and btw lyrics are only by sameer :)


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