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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tanu Weds Manu Movie Review (BD)

BD Movie Review:Tanu Weds Manu

Movie Information:Wiki Link
Cast: R Madhavan, Kangna Ranaut, Jimmy Sheirgill, Deepak Dobriyal, Eijaz Khan
Direction: Anand L. Rai
Genre: Romance
Duration: 2 hours

Movie Review:

A candy floss cinema for a perfect weekend.

TANU WEDS MANU is a feel good movie with its own pros and flaws.The movie starts off well with a typical start like a rom com movie added a punjabi funk and flavour to it.The film manages to hook you with its sheer atmospherics.The director creates an extremely busy and colourful canvas brimming with characters who are anything but cardboard cut-outs. If Madhavan fleshes out a heart-tugging, oh-so-lonely and acutely desi NRI, winning you over with his shy smiles and well-mannered chutzpah, then Kangna Ranaut's wild cat rebel is endearing too.The feel good attitude of the film is what it makes a worth watch.

Quick Review:
Kangana is a bliss to watch.Madhavan is all in the league after repeatedly good performances in JHS,13B and 3 Idiots.Jimmy Shergill is a pleasant surprise. Deepak Dobriyal is remarkable.Performances are thus good.

Story And Screenplay:

The story by Himashu Sharma is good but nothing new.The factor that keeps you engaged is the unpredictability.Dialogues are catchy and witty at the same time.Good score here.But the screenplay is okay.

Editing And Cinematography:

The editing by Hemal Kothari is lousy.The film could have been tightened post interval.The ups and downs in the rom com could have been elaborated slightly better.Kangna's transformation from wild cat to sushy eches.Cinematography by Chitranjan Das is good.Flavours of northern india are portrayed well on a canvas.

Music And Background Score:

Music is a complete surprise.Jugni And Yun Hi are pleasing to ears.Debutant Krsna takes a good start here.Background score is good and it complements the movie.A strong point of the film.


Aanand L. Rai after a good start with "Strangers" looks promising here.He has managed well to differentiate an ordinary rom com with this one.TANU WEDS MANU deserves to be a different cinema in its genre due to directions.Minus few Hiccups in stoy section,the director has managed well the overall flow of the movie.

Overall Rating:

TANU WEDS MANU is a perfect weekend movie if you choose to go for something else than cricket.A worth watch.MY RATING is a deserved 3.5!


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